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Where did you hear this rumor? Im pretty sure its made up. Im pretty up to date on all development and rumor and this is a first. Somehow i doubt a company like Hyatt is gonna build a 30 story hotel just to promote tourism in the area.

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Detroit should fill in all its vacant scrapers before building any new ones, anyway.

Rbdet, i the same way. I used to leave tons of posts, now i can hardly find the ambition/time to leave 2 a day.

We seem to be getting a lot of noobs lately, not that new members is a bad thing.

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Well, like Zissou said, there's the Book Cadillac, which is something around 35 floors. There's also the Ren Cen, which is twice that, and a few hotels downtown that are above 10 stories. Then there's a handful of smaller ones around 5.

The Ren Cen is actually the tallest hotel in the western hemisphere, and if I recall right, the tallest in the world when it was built.

heheh, but yeah, hotels don't build to promote tourism, they build to make money. :lol:

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