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I was in Greensboro today looking at a car.  I managed to snap some photos.   (I generally don’t snap photos when I’m with my family because they complain that I’m delaying them, but I was alone...)

Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in Greensboro.

Posted Images

The following two videos are additonal stop motion/time lapse ones that were shot over the last couple of weeks. This first one is me driving through the new interstates and interchanges in PTI:

This is the newest video I've done. I photographed the sunset from the City Hall South parking deck a week ago. I wish that iMovie would've allowed me to speed it up faster, but I can't wait until my new purchase of Final Cut arrives!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks guys! I recently made a new one that starts in eastern Guilford County and follows the southern portion of the Urban Loop up near its end at I-40 in PTI. I'll be uploading it to YouTube soon, so instead of inundating this thread with those, you can watch or subscribe to my new YouTube page.


The following are a couple of photos a friend and I took while in traffic in Downtown W-S on Cherry Street during the Gallery Hop and National Black Theater Festival on Friday night:





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Friday was a beautiful night...seeing the diversity on the streets. At first I thought this year's festival was attracting a different crowd, but then realized it was first Friday. LOL But still the volunteers and the vendors were noticeably more diverse this year. Thats a good thing.

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^^^I noticed the other day that it's being used on the Greensboro CVB website. It's nice!

It's a excellent view of the skyline, but a little too Photoshoped for my tastes. I'm surprised the CVB would use that shot when I've seen the same photo with a normal (yet still dramatic) sky. I hope to take this same shot with a train moving through the station eventually.

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