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I recently got a new job downtown and have the luxury of walking to work. I love this and I wish more folks did the same but due to my job and its crazy hours, there are no good places I know of to get a quality shoe shine, which has become a surprising necessity. I tried the place in Nordstoms and despite the fact that the guy who works there is really nice, he does a pretty bad job.

So, I'm asking for suggestions. The only one I've gotten is the Biltmore but I haven't tried it yet. Any others?

Thank you to all that respond!

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There's a guy on Westminster when the weather is nice sometimes, right outside Au Bon Pain, but I haven't seen him in a while and couldn't vouch for his quality. He may be inside 50 Kennedy Plaza most of the time (the red one of the big three, that's 50 right?).

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