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Last spring I read the "Otherland" series by Tad Williams. It's about 3000 pages long, but it goes into depth about this subject. It takes place like 30 years in the future, at a time when the internet is a vast network that you literally plug yourself into (many people have brain implants to do this).

The series takes a very "libertarian" approach to the net, and talks greatly about the different networks that you can join and how certain ones are very prestigious. Basically it goes around a group of elite rich people that pool resources to create the most realistic net yet in which you actually believe it's all real down to wind blowing on your arm hair and the software can trick your subconscious mind into staying in the network.

It was more creepy than anything, but kind of cool. I don't know that we could have such a world wide web like this with as little regulation as we have, though.

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