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Jacksonville voted as one of the best cities for blacks to live in by black enterprise magazine

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Top cities for African Americans---

BLACK ENTERPRISE revealed its most recent list of top cities for African Americans as featured in its May 2007 issue. On this year's list, the No. 1 city for African Americans is the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which includes parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland. Residents who enjoy living in our nation's capital and surrounding region cited the robust job market and top-notch cultural

activities as grounds for their overall satisfaction. "The perception of the city has changed. There's a lot more business development," says D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. At $404,900, D.C. has the highest median home value of all the cities on BE's list. D.C. also has the lowest foreclosure rate (0.3%), property taxes, and sales tax (5.75%) among the top 10. Survey respondents are very dissatisfied with the quality of education, however, stating that the public schools are in desperate need of repair. Ironically, the D.C. metro area has the best-educated black population of the cities, boasting the highest percentage of high school and college graduates. The No. 2 pick, Atlanta, GA, continues to impress. The city is home to 64,000 black-owned businesses and continues to offer extensive entrepreneurial opportunities. No. 3, the metro area of Raleigh-Durham, NC, boasted a 3.4% rise in job growth, the highest employment statistic among the cities ranked. Rounding out the 10 best cities for African Americans list is: No. 4, Houston, TX; No. 5, Nashville, TN; No. 6, Dallas, TX; No. 7, Charlotte, NC; No. 8, Indianapolis, IN; No. 9, Columbus, OH; and No. 10, Jacksonville, FL.

Again Los Angeles and New York didn't make the list two cities in which many blacks migrated to during the great migration. In fact many blacks are leaving those cities for the south.

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Unfortunately, this thread has to be closed; the rules will explain why. That doesn't mean the subject can't be discussed, however, in an existing thread.

And for future reference, don't post an entire article, only a relevant snippet. And reference your source as well.

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