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Augusta Metro's next big city

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Richmond County has about 200,000 people. Which surburb or town will become Augusta Metro next big city. Heres how they stack against each other now.

2000 census cities are much larger now probably with Evans or Aiken #1 (Columbia County census 2007 106,000 Evans 62,000 Martinez 30,000 Grovetown 11,000 Harlem 2,000 Appling 1,000)

1. Martinez, GA 27,749

2. Aiken, SC 25,337

3. Evans, GA 17,727

4. N. Aug, SC 17,574

5. Grovetown, GA 7,000

6. Thomson, GA 6,828

7. Waynesboro, GA 5,813

8. Belvedere, SC 5,631

9. Barnwell, SC 5,035

10.Clearwater, SC 5,000

Hephzibah, GA(4,000) Edgefield,SC (4,449) Washington,GA(4,295)

Wrens,GA FT.Gordon,GA Harlem,GA Willinston,SC Beech Island,SC

or any more i think the CSRA is 21 counties in GA & SC

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Aiken should be at least 50K in population; we have SC's stringent annexation laws to thank for that.

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