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Columbia,SC & Augusta, GA 1 city or 2 it is georgiacarolina


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With maybe columbus, mostly likely macon being eaten up by atlanta in 5 to 10 yrs & how i just dont see augusta & atlanta gettin together since theres no connection. Augusta to Columbia is only an hour & with all the surburban sprawl that is happenning in aiken & edgefield counties like I- 520 widening with completion of the palmetto parkway, the new interchange to connect North & South Augusta. Aiken is growing at a steady pace along with North Augusta im just wondering how long before it hits growing Lexington county not even downtown columbia. Could we see commuter rails movin people back & forth from sc to ga.

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There's still a good distance between these two metros, so I wouldn't expect to see their sprawl meet up anytime in the near future--unless something big comes to the I-20 corridor that would facilitate a linear form of sprawl along the interstate.

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