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Regional Government


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Several of the issues we discuss here on U.P. have far reaching effects and externalities. Charlotte's economic strength leads to growth not only in Mecklenburg County, but in a large number of neighboring counties as well. Issues of transportation, economic development, entertainment, and environment all have regional benefits and costs.

After moving here I was surprised to see the lack of regional cooperation present in the area. Mecklenburg County and the cities witin seem to share a fairly similar vision, but that can hardly be said of neighboring counties. While MUMPO deals with transportation in one part of the region, the Cabarrus-Rowan MPO deals with another, Gaston another, and so-forth. While Charlotte and Mecklenburg County enact policies to control growth and pollution, Union, Cabarrus, and all others are free from the need to cooperate (often taking a 'why should we care what happens in Charlotte' stance).

Are we not all in this together?

As Charlotte continues to grow so does its need for some form of formalized regional government (with some authority - not simply the discussion group that is CCOG). Only when the Charlotte area is governed as such, one interdependent entity, will we truly be able to best accomodate said growth.

What does everyone here feel is the likelihood of such a governing structure occuring in Charlotte? Would the population ever accept one?

We don't necessarily have to implement a Portland METRO-like government, but I would propose rolling transportation, land-use, and other infrastructure plans and guidelines intno a regional authority, whether appointed or elected.

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