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First Friday Art Walk

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Post anything about First Friday Art Walk! On the first Friday of every month throughout Springfield's downtown galleries, artist's studios and other venues, sculpture, pottery, blown glass, photography, paintings, and much more.

Special Events, Parks, Movies, Dining, Shopping, Theatre, Music, etcs. I'm serious!

And free bus! Springfield Downtown and C-Street!

Visit official websites:

It's All Downtown

Springfield Regional Arts Council

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Thanks for starting this topic, it should have been done a long time ago. I LOVE the artwalks, downtown looks so urban at night espeacially with all those thousands of people. I still havent been to the Monarch Gallery, which I hear is getting rave reviews. My favorite Galleries would have to be Hawthorne and the one right next to it, can't think of the name? It's crazy how far downtown has come in such a short amount of time.

BTW... I really like that moving photo at the top!

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I went to the artwalk last night and I couldn't believe how many people were downtown! I was also shocked at how many new businesses have gone in downtown, its insane. Springfield's downtown resembles a city downtown of three times our size. No joke! If you guys havent been to an artwalk in a while you should definately go.

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I was wondering how many art galleries, not restuartants with art, there are in Downtown Springfield. I know its somewhere around 20 but I don't know the exact number. I know that Kansas city has 60 and is the 2nd largest art district in the country, so 20 for Springfield is pretty freakn good.

Here's a list of ones that I know of:

Hawthorn Gallery

Keyes Gallery

Randy Bacon Studio

Good Girl Art

Walnut Street Gallery

MSU Art and Design Gallery

MSU Student Exibition Center

Susan Sommer-Luarca Gallery

Hyde Gallery

Drury Pool Art Center

Bellwether Gallery of the Arts

Creamery Arts Center

Park Central Gallery

OTC Fine Arts Gallery

Springfield Hot Glass Studio

Springfield Pottery Art Studio

Global Fayre Gallery

Those are the ones I know of, but I also know a couple more have opened up recently. It will be really interesting to see how many more open up with the continued growth of Downtown.

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Global Fayre opened it's doors in December 2007, and the First Friday Art Walk is a crucial - and fun - part of our business. We love the different people that we se on First Friday - many/most of them are people that don't otherwise venture downtown. Some though are starting to get the message that downtown is there all month, not just on First Friday...... Edited by globalfayre
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