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Helmet or no Helmet

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Just curious to peoples thoughts on the article on helmet laws. Here is my letter to the Tennessean.

You don't have to look far to see who has the most interest in removing the helmet laws. Have worked for the last twenty years providing mobility equipment to people suffered head and spinal cord injuries from motorcycle accidents, the cost of keeping these injured people alive runs into the millions of dollars.

It doesn't take a major leap to realize that insurance companies can save billions by rolling back the Helmet laws in each state. While wearing a helmet doesn't guarantee that that you will not suffer any injuries in a accident, not wearing one is most likely to end in death. It is much cheaper for the insurance to pay for a burial than rehabilitation.

What I am saying is not some conspiracy theory, but just pure economics. The reason this same thought process doesn't work with seat belts and cars is do to the multiple safety features built into today's vehicles.

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I was wondering if anyone would bring this up. IMO, you should have laws to protect the stupid especially in this case. I have had several friends get killed on motorcycles and the last was not wearing a helmet. He would have survived most likely if he had a helmet on. There

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My brother lost his leg less than a year ago to an accident. That has not swayed my feelings though, because I do think riding is great.

Not for me (to many wheelchairs and bad auto drivers), but you don't have to look very far to see the muscle behind the bill. He is a former doctor that isn't far removed from insurance PAC money.

Smeaoglsfree sorry about the lost of your friend.

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