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Could atlanta finally have competion by 2010-2015, or could ppl atleast say GA has a 2 major city(1,000,000ppl). Augusta has the richest ppl outside of atlanta , & the most ppl in their metro 525,000. The Metro is the medical center of the southeast, bill gates has a home, famous or rich ppl need upscale residential or hotels for the masters or other events. Donald Trump wants to build a golf course here. T-Mobile making their headquarters here, Augusta regional in talks with Dubai. Columbia is not the big compared to augusta really they have 2 or 3 malls, we had 2 malls now we have 1 & 1 being built. Im sure 1 could return to South Aug, or even evans could have a mall by then. Aiken has their own mall now. So our metro could have 5 malls. With the new spaghetti interchange staring june 07, palmetto parkway, I-3, I-14, augusta will have major interstates & major transit. Remember we've had 4 lifestyle centers planed 1 turned down on furrys ferry in about 1 to 2 yrs. So what will 08/09 bring us ? Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Aiken, Thomson, N. Aug, are all seeing surban sprawl. Our surburbs are growing like atlanta, & MCG wanted to build a new facility in athens(obviously UGA) because of sonny perdue but augusta is fighting back and now their reconsidering. MCG is already expanding augusta presently what if we get it instead of athens. That show augusta finally has some pull in GA i mean UGA is the second best school(Georgia Tech) athens is a growing city and they still lose out to augusta with its biggest Augusta University. What do u think could Augusta be compared to ATL ? Could it be the 2nd biggest city in georgiacarolina? Could it be by far the second biggest without a question?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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