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Democrats in Congress and the Iraq war?


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There is this nonsense political game between the President and the Democrats in Congress in regards to this Iraq funding bill. They know that the President will Veto any funding bill that has a time table to pull out of Iraq, and that there are not enough votes to get it overturned.

If they want the troops to come home so bad, why don

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So you are critical of the Democrats, when it is what remains of the GOP's leadership and Bush's decision to keep troops in Iraq that are dying every day? This war is not the Democrats fault. Sounds to me as if your criticism is misplaced. I might add that after the next election the Democrats will have enough votes to overturn vetos should they deem it necessary with whoever gets elected as president. The GOP is going to go down, and go down hard, after this next election because of this disaster of a war they have brought down on this country.

In any case, we have enough of these threads in this section so if you want to comment on the current state of this failed war and policy, then find one of those threads and post it there. War Without End would be a good one.

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