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You are right about the river crossings. Maybe if they could get I-269 to go completely around and cross Arkansas twice. That might be able to spur their growth. I know there are alot of new houses coming up in Marion and that the city actually doubled its size from 1990 to 2000 so maybe the Arkasas side is about to explode with development. Could Crittenden county be the new Desoto county?

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I doubt if any new counties will be added to the MSA in 2010. I can't imagine which ones.

However, the Memphis MSA is surrounded by a number of "micropolitan areas": Forrest City, Oxford, Clarksdale, and Brownsville.

I suspect that one or more of those areas will be added to the MSA, thus creating a Memphis CSA. My first guess would be Forrest City and then Oxford.

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