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I haven't heard much mention of this on the boards and have really only heard about it through Model D/Metro Mode and I think there may been one blurb in the AA News. Apparently it's a new mixed-use "green" building that's going up at the corner of Washington and Ashley with ground floor retail, office (to be occupied by the developers) and luxury condos.



Project Web Site

More Preliminary Renderings

Although the renderings look a little out of place with what's currently in the area, I'm excited for this to continue the revival of Ashley St. and the west side of downtown. Does anyone know what structure is currently at 200 S. Ashley?

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I'm currently involved with this project through PMA. To answer your question-- the site is currently an old gas station. This corner is kitty corner from Grizzly Peak.

Feel free to post me questions. Glad you two like the project, it's pretty exciting.

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I read up on some of the green features from a planning agenda I recently found, and it's a highly green building. I love it. Is PMA the developers or architects (or both)?


1. The renderings in the planning agenda showed the building rising 108'-6" to its highest roof. How tall will the building be including the really interesting 'smokestack' wind turbine generators?

2. What are the main materials of the facade?

3. Finally, do you guys have a tentative timeline on when this may start construction, and when it will be completed?

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PMA is a project management consultancy (the name was originally "Project Management Associates"), meaning we have a lot of civil engineers and business people but we don't do any architecture or construction ourselves. We are sort of a "go-to" firm for property owners looking to do construction, so we facilitate all the planning, architecture, liasing with government entities, and construction. To put things in perspective, we are usually the type of business that bids for jobs when they are first commissioned. Some of our jobs have included: all matters of Detroit municipal buildings as well as the casinos in Detroit, plus many other buildings throughout the country.

The funny thing re: Tierra is that although we've been in business since 1971, we've never actually built property with the intent to own until now. In fact, of the company's international offices, PMA only owns one building on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor (same block as Tierra will be on, but on the far corner).


The roof is at the top of the eigth floor but since there will be elevator access to the roof, such as it is, there is a small 9th floor roof and that is what you're probably refering to. With that elevator access, we've actually added a small sunroom up there as well that we imagine will be for condominium residents to enjoy year-round. In reference to the turbines, they will actually be higher than the sunroom roof by about 7-8 feet and these turbines are 100% avian-safe.


The facade will be brick, metal panel, glass, concrete, and solar wall (covering most of the south side).


We will break ground next March and the construction duration will be approximately 8 months. If everything goes according to plan, Tierra will be ready for occupancy in early 2009. At this point there's no reason to expect those dates to be pushed any further to the right... but this building is pretty avant garde, meaning the city and county regulations are not exactly written to accomodate everything that we are trying to do here.

By the end of June, we should have an early version of our website running, http://www.tierraonashley.com. In the meantime you can check out Tierra facts on this wikipedia page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tierra_on_Ashley. That page has been set up now for the purposes of educating the public about our efforts and the feasibility of green building in a depressed housing market. Please enjoy and tell a friend.

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Sorry not to post publicly, but that's right Integrated Architecture (Ann Arbor & Grand Rapids) is the architectural firm. They specialize in sustainable design and have been really outstanding throughout the process.


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