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Mobile Civic Center


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Should Mobile's outdated downtown civic center be renovated or demolished and the property redeveloped as a mixed-use complex, possibly a residential tower with retail and office space on the ground floor?

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It should be torn down and a large ground floor casino with a hotel tower should be built. Then redevelop the areas of Government street and Dauphin streets into a mini French quarter type area and downtown Mobile would be off the charts. :thumbsup:
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Mayor Sam Jones wants to build a new arena in or around downtown, tear down the Civic Center arena and exhibition hall (leaving the theater) and redevelop the rest of the property into a mixed-use development anchored by a grocery store. Mayor Jones's plan was one of two alternatives presented in the new downtown master plan. The other plan would leave the civic center in place, add a parking deck and turn the rest of the parking lot into a mixed-use development.

A new arena may cost $70 million, and Mayor Jones says the city isn't in the financial condition to fund such a large project at this time. I guess that means the civic center will be there as is for a few more years.

Mobile Civic Center future cloudy

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