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County Executive - Primary election

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I have seen very little about this in the news, so I decided to look up some info myself. Dan Onorato's term is coming to an end, and he is running for re-election. In the primary, he faces Rick Swartz. But who is Rick Swartz? Turns out he's the executive director of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.

I am not sure who I'll vote for, but I'm trying to get informed. I found some info that might interest some of you, so I'm linking it here...

Swartz's homepage: http://citizensforswartz.com/index.html

Onorato's homepage: http://www.onorato2007.com/

It looks like Onorato's platform focus is on brownfield redevelopment and job creation. Swartz seems most interested in funding and expanding public transit, and better communication between government and citizens.

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