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almost all LA Fitness centers have pools, saunas and whirlpools, the one on 50 by the target is huge, has indoor racquetball as well. The one on Michigan and Conway has a basketball court and hosts leagues several times a year. All have spin classes, yoga, pilates, and aerobics.

The nice thing about the one in Conway is that it's a bit slower than the one in waterford lakes and the one on 50.

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I'm a member of the downtown Y - my single "all-Y" (I can use any Y in central FL) is $59/month. The things I like most for that are the indoor and outdoor pool, and the Fitlinxx system where you can track all activity (including Cybex weights) online. Also important to me is that most of the money stays in the local community and goes to support programs for local kids and such rather than going to nameless, faceless investors with no particular interest in our area.

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