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My CHATTANOOGA photos Part 1

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So it's been awhile since I've done done a photo thread. I try to be artsy and creative and whatnot but in all honesty i'm quite an amateur when it comes to photography, even though I love to do it. These were all taken by me on a surprisingly warm Christmas day in 2006. I had very limited time so I covered as much ground as I could, but there is so many fantastic urban areas of the city that are left unseen. The only areas I was able to cover were the North Chattanooga/Coolidge Park neighborhood and the Riverfront area.

Chattanooga is Tennessee's fourth largest city, with a metro population of around 500,000, and quite possibly one of the most overlooked and underrated cities in the country. The natural scenery in the area is hard to match, and the city is undergoing a major urban rennaissance. It is the home to the world's first miniature golf course, the world's first fleet of electric mini-buses, and the world's longest pedestrian bridge, and the largest freshwater aquarium in the world. Enough talk. Hope you enjoy.

BTW, since I have very little experience posting photo threads, please let me know if there are too many photos in this thread or if they are too large and making the loading time slow, and I will try to reduce their size. Thanks.


Let's start out on the north shore in the neighborhood of North Chattanooga. There is A LOT of construction going on here and will be a very attractive neighborhood in the future.

















A few shots from an urban jewel, Coolidge Park






Please continue to part 2!

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What I like about his set is the up close and personal perspective it gives the viewer of the city via all the signs, store frontages, etc. Very solid set of pics IMO.

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These pics really do give a flavor for what Chattanooga's North Shore is all about. Great job, BNA! You've given me some ideas about some future shots I should take of the area.

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Much appreciated guys. I try to capture more than just the buildings in my photos, and i'm glad it actually worked the way it was supposed to! lol

BTW, I copied and pasted this photo thread from the thread I posted at SSP, which is why it has all that extra Chatty info at the top. I'm sure you guys were already aware of all that informational bit. lol

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