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My CHATTANOOGA photos, Part 2

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. Glad you enjoyed them! I really love Chattanooga. I have family there and have been going since I was a child and it is awesome to see how much it has changed for the better. Downtown Chattanooga is definitely something you folks are well justified in being extremely proud about.

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My thanks for your compliments. Chattanooga has indeed changed for the better, and this change for the better is continuing on. I really am looking forward to what Chattanooga will have to offer in the future. One of these days, I think Chattanooga will be "discovered" by the rest of the country for what it is. It is one of the most "liveable" cities in the South, IMO. But, for now, it is one of the most underated cities in the country.

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I'm glad you bumped the thread and brought it back to my attention. As I said earlier, I just loved your use of telephoto in those shots. What kind of camera / lense did you use?

I can't wait until the Market Street bridge is opened back up in August. That's the bridge that is being refurbished in your pictures.

I plan to do an update of downtown development in Chattanooga soon. Good things are happening here.

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