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Hello to everyone in Mississippi

Kenneth Disraili-Jean

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A warm hello to everyone in Mississippi, especially Jackson and Forest. My mom grew up in Mississippi in Forest and I also had many relatives in Jackson. My mom attended East Central College in Decatur where she met my dad, who was from Atlanta. They married right on the college campus and my mom and dad left Decatur after graduation and moved to Atlanta. As a small boy and tennager I always couldn't wait for school to get out for the summer, and I always went to Mississippi to spend my summers. Everyone was or is so friendly there. If they are working out in the yard or walking down the street they always would wave at you, even if they didn't know you. This is something I was unacustomed to because in Atlanta if you wave at someone you don't know more than likely they will give you the finger. It was so nice to get away from the smog and actually be able to see stars at night. And getting away from the congested 20-lane freeways with 7-level interchanges, and the crowded subways was so refreshing. Unfortuantly all but two relatives remain in Mississippi- by the way I know how to spell it. Mi-crooked letter, crooked letter i crooked letter,crooked letter, i, humpback, humpback, i. Yea!!!

Anyway I just wanted to say hello and let everyone know of all the wonderful memories I had in your state and how much I miss it. Oh one more thing, just remember because I know I have half Mississippi blood in me and half Atlanta.

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