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Memphis in May BBQ Contest

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Hey ya'll! I am headed to Memphis this weekend (1st visit) and plan on stopping by the BBQ contest. I was wondering if any of ya'll could recommend some local favorites who will be in this competition. I have no idea how big this is but I have heard it is quite a spectacle.

Also, any suggestions for other sights to see while I am in town? (aside from Graceland!)


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I'm not sure which local places will have tents but I can offer you some suggestions as to where you might want to go around town other than BBQ Fest.

Recommendations for other things around town:

EP's on Beale Street (try the Crawfish nachos)

National Civil Rights Museum (Downtown in the South Main Area)

Memphis Zoo (In Midtown's Overton Park)

Casinos (45 minutes south of Downtown)

Cooper/Young District (good pubs/restaurants in Midtown)

...maybe go to a Redbirds game at AutoZone Park too.

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Here are another few suggestions for places to visit.

Go to see the march of the ducks in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. They come down the elevator at 11:00 AM and go back up to their roof top home at 5:00 PM. Be sure to carry your camera and be prepared to look fast. They can be very quick.

Go to the Smithsonian Memphis Rock & Soul Museum, Gibson guitar factory tour, and Soulsville: Stax Museum of American Soul Music to get a view of the Memphis musical history.

The Dixon Museum of Art and the National Ornamental Iron Museum

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