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Photos of new development in metro Wilmington

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The following are photos of new development in the Wilmington Metro Area. All these projects are in phases of construction from dirt being moved to projects being completed in the last six months. Hope you find them interesting.


The PPD building was completed earlier this year. It is 14 floors above street level and a couple below. When all the employees have moved in it will house 2000 people.


PPD parking deck. It is being shared with the city.


This is the location of the new Wilmington Convention Center.It will located on the river just to the south of the PPD building.


This is Bannerman Station condo complex. One of several being built downtown. The following are pictures of other condo projects downtown that are under construction are have just been completed. This is a hot area for real estate. Most condos are sold before construction begins. They range in price from $350,000 to $650,000. There is a 11 story project in the works on market street with the penthouse going for $1.1 million dollars. The following three are located in the Brooklyn part of town on fourth street. An area bring revitalized.






The new Wilmington Police Dept. headquarters Three times the size of the old one.


The Northern Outer Loop or interstate 140 has brought a lot of growth to northeast part of town near the Pender county line.


This is a huge new Medac built in this area or Porters Neck. A new hospital is planned near here in the next couple of years.



This is the next phase of Mayfaire being built. It will contain a Pottery Barn and several other stores.It will add 180,000 sq ft to the 500,000 already there.



new bank building across the street from Mayfaire. Several new bank buildings in this area. This is near Landfall where the million dollar homes are.


Military Cutoff Road is under major construction. I like the new red lights that are on poles instead of wires. they look better and hold up during hurricanes.



New hospital wing under construction. Old tower is in the background.




These are all new projects in the Leland area about 7 minutes from downtown in Brunswick County.

Nice look for the new Wal Mart that opened this year.



Just wanted to end with a couple of nice shots of downtown.

I didn't get shots of the south side of town where a new Home Depot is being built in a revamped expanded shopping center or the beaches. I will save that for another day.

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Wilmington is sure looking up to be a larger city. A lot of nice looking projects.

The water front looks a lot different than when I took my week end duty on the USS Plover mine sweeper in the 1960's

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Yeah I can't wait for the Port city finally hits her stride and smart developments sprout up on both sides of the river. As a little boy I loved how cities grew up around the water. So I always had a soft spot for Wilmington and my number 2 was Norfolk. I couldn't resist this...here is one of my shots of DT.


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