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[Louisville] Highlands/Crescent Hill development news

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Updating Bardstown Road

Notes --

1. The city is spending $288,000 in the Highlands and Crescent Hill neighborhoods on a second phase of streetscape improvements between the Cherokee Parkway and Speed Avenue. Trees, benches, trash cans and sidewalks are all new. Other improvements include decorative bricks and bus stop upgrades. The work began in March and is expected to be complete by the fall.

1a. The old trees had caused numerous issues, and were replaced with Zelcovas which will grow to 30-40 feet.

2. Last year, the city spent $320,000 on improvements from Grinstead Drive to Cherokee Parkway. Over the past 10 years, the city has made "pockets of improvement" all the way to Baxter Avenue. For each phase of the project (1 and 2), $40,000 has come from Metro Councilman Tom Owen's neighborhood development fund.

3. Five new bus shelters will be installed soon along the corridor, as well as bike racks. Four of the new shelters will replace older ones, and a new one will be added in front of Commonwealth Bank across from Kroger.

4. Work was also recently completed on upgraded pedestrian crossing signals at Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway. The new units include sounds for the visually impaired.

Article information: "Updating Bardstown Road, By Martha Elson, The Courier-Journal, May 23, 2007"

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Old buildings sparkle as condos

Notes --

1. Two large, early 20th century apartment buildings at the end of North Keats Avenue in Clifton were neglected for decades. A new condo project began in September. The plans were reviewed by the Clifton Architectural Review Committee of the Louisville Metro Landmarks Commission and were approved in March.

1a. The work included new windows and the demolition of a three-story "sleeping porch" and a staircase on the first building; an enclosed addition replaced it. The original window and door transoms were preserved.

1b. A 14-space carport is planned.

1c. The aluminum siding was removed. The interior features long hallways, satin black ceiling fans, and bathrooms with "old-style fixtures."

2. All but one of the six converted condos is sold or under contract at one of the buildings at Keats Bluff Condominiums. Another apartment building is being converted from 14 apartments to 8 condos. The $2 million project, including the purchase price of the buildings, are at 172 and 173-175 N. Keats.

3. The prices are middle-income in the $200,000 range.

Article information: "Old buildings sparkle as condos, By Martha Elson, The Courier-Journal, May 23, 2007"

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