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Is it time for Wilmington and New Hanover to consolidate governments?

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I wonder if its not time that Wilmington and New Hanover county consolidate their governments totally.The county has a Population of around 185,000. It is only 199 sq miles the second smallest in the state. The city of Wilmington covers about 30% of that area and has more than half the population (100,000). The county has a density of 929 people per sq mile. Some things are already consolidated, transit, trash, water and sewer. The sheriff department and the Police dept. seem to run all over each other policing the county. Both entities are considering raising taxes this year. Why not go ahead and save a little money and consolidate. Make things more efficient and cut out duplications. They have considered this several times before, but it was rejected by the voters in the county, since the last annexation their are now more people in the city so I think it would finally pass. It would mean more money from federal grants etc., because of the almost doubling of population for the city.

What do you see as the ups and downs of consolidated governments? Has anyone every lived in city with a consolidated government such as Jacksonville FL.?

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