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Uptown Tour - Part 3

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Okay, last part of the tour normally! ^_^

First, just because I forgot this nice shot (probably of my father) of downtown, from the Settler's Cemetery


In front of the Hearst Tower


Some coffee shop on IJL


Shoots on Tryon taken from the car






Walking around Gateway Village, first shots taken on Trade Street







Grom Gateway's cemetery (sorry, I forgot its real name). I really like Trademark from this angle.


Charlotte's skyline. This view will look incredible when all the projects will be completed. I have to say that I'm quite a fan of gothic architecture with skyscrapers, so if a Trump tower gets built, I hope it will have a little "gothic" thing...Or at least a crown or anything to become the new city symbol. For the moment, BofA and a few other buildings really makes it look like a tiny "gotham city" thing IMO :D





Getting closer to downtown


The Vue poster : I almost didn't pay attention to it, I saw it when we turned right at the intersection and took the shoot quickly...Too quickly.



I couldn't prevent it, I had to take another shoot from this angle!



If North Tryon was the main "view shoot" of the skyline until know, South Tryon will probably be the main view after 2010


And this will be all. I hope you enjoyed it! :) In my case, I don't know when I'll come back to Charlotte, but I won't like to come back before 2010 or before all the new projects will be completed. It may be better latter, so I'll be able to see the impact all of those will have on downtown. Next time I'll be there I'll really want to be surprised in a good way! :D

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Very nice. What kind of camera are you using?

Also, are there no non-caucasion workers in the Hearst Tower? Or are they just not allowed to eat lunch? :lol:

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Thank you for all of the photos, Xss. It looks like you had great weather.

In front of the Hearst Tower


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Actually dubone, I believe there are two, both are very close to each other in the photo. I agree though, downtown is definitely more diverse than this photo projects.

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Thanks for the comments. And I have no clue about diversity and minorities in Charlotte : I'm just the dumb tourist looking at architecture! :D But yeah, I never realized that photo was full of white people, I just see some black guy in the background...Maybe there are some south Americans there also : we met some when we were in Charlotte. My mother, who doesn't speak a good English, was happy to find some people to speak in Spanish with! :lol:

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