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The Dave Luna Urban Planet Forum Online Meet-Up, Sat. June 4th, 10 AM to noon; The Copper Branch in Downtown Library


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Going to be talking about a beer baash night at YeeHaw in the middle of the month, probably on a Tuesday night around 6. Any other night would be just too noisy and busy. It would probably be around 6 PM. 

We can discuss a little further Saturday and I will post and pin on the mini meet thread.

Looking to do a mini meet in WeHo in August but need some suggestions for a place. For you folks that live there pleas send me a PM for ideas.

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6 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

Going to be talking about a beer baash night at YeeHaw in the middle of the month, probably on a Tuesday night around 6. Any other night would be just too noisy and busy. It would probably be around 6 PM. 

We can discuss a little further Saturday and I will post and pin on the mini meet thread.

Looking to do a mini meet in WeHo in August but need some suggestions for a place. For you folks that live there pleas send me a PM for ideas.

Diskin Cider, Jackalope's new location,  Corsair, or even New Heights Brewery all good options for August

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Here is the agenda for this Saturday's monthly Dave Luna Nashville Urban Planet Forum Meet-Up from 10 AM to noon at  Luna Lena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway at NW corner of JRP and 3rd Ave. North).

-  Meet any new folks in attendance.

  • Get reports from anyone who traveled to other cities in the past few weeks for quick overviews of what they experienced.
  • Cranes up: Broadwest #3, Embassy Suites 
  • Cranes down: Hyatt House SoBro
  • Total cranes currently up in Davidson County: 30
  • Topped Out: Hampton Inn Capitol View (10 stories), Tri-Star Centennial Garage (8 stories), Federal Courthouse West Wing (6 stories), Three Thirty Three (5 stories), Belcourt Village (4 stories), Tennessee State Library (4 stories)
  • Core drilling: First Baptist, LaQuinta Inn, Four Seasons, TownPlace Suites on Charlotte


  • Gabe Coltea is thinking of building a residential tower on top of a revamped .45 acre garage at 217 Third Ave. North.  The concept would also include retail space on the ground floor facing 3rd Ave., Printers Alley, and Bankers Alley.  Could be as high as a total of 15 stories.
  • Michael Hayes of C.B. Ragland is starting to publicly discuss ideas for a tower or two on his 1.8 acre full square block at the NE corner of 2nd Ave. South and KVB. It has been a 300 capacity surface lot for decades.  All very tentative at this point. Years down the road.
  • Four Seasons Hotel (40 stories, 542”) has released some new renderings upon its ground breaking on June 20th.
  • The team at Flank Inc. has decided to alter the plans for their boutique hotel, which will be called 1100 Porter Hotel.  It will now take up a larger footprint, and be reduced from 20 stories to 16, and will now feature 281 rooms, as opposed to 190 in the previous iteration.  It will also feature a  ground level restaurant, and possibly a live music venue. There is less external wall vegetation in the design as well. There will be no parking garage. In order for the larger footprint to occur, they will be buying Rusty Dunn's warehouse at 1107 Grundy, as well as a small parcel at 1100 Porter St. 
  • The Landings at River North will get started in early 2020 as 13 acres sits within the larger 40 acre section will be developed by Creek Lane Capital and MRP Realty. Phase 1 will include 600 residences, 85,000 sq. ft. of retail, and 50,000 sq. ft. of office space, and mile long riverfront park. It will begin in early 2020. Phase 2 will include 500 more residential units, and 50,000 more sq. ft. of retail. Structures will range from 4 to 7 stories in Phase 1. Looks like a few of the restaurant spaces along the river are 1-2 stories. 
  • The historic Morris Building purchase has been delayed by the city. Still happen down the road. A committee that had been assembled to study its potential uses: 1) Creating a workforce development hub. 2) Building a civic center to emphasize the building's history, as well as the importance of black businesses in Nashville. 3) Creating a gallery for local artists, along with an artist-in-residence program. 4) Converting the building into Metro office space for city functions like the Metro Arts Commission, the Business Assistance Office and the recently formed Community Oversight Board.
  • Apple Store will indeed be the anchor tenant at the corner of 5th & Broadway development. Will be 30 ft. tall all glass exterior structure.
  • The 6 story art deco structure at 814 Church St. that was built in the 1930s, is going to be converted from office space to short term residential rentals featuring 45 units.  The location is caddy-corner to Nashville Yards, just to the NE. Nashville's rootARCH has applied for building permits to create a retail or restaurant space on the first floor.
  • The Register, an exclusive "extremely high end" membership-based social club, will be opening in the Liggett Building at 200 2nd Ave. South in October.  It will take up 6,000 sq. ft. and will cost $2.4 million to build out. There will also be a rooftop area that will be partially open to the public.  
  • The refurbished Voorhees Building at 700 8th Ave. South has new renderings. By adding a 5th floor, it will now be 48,000 creative office workspace. They will also add a 2 level garage at the back of the 1.2 acre site.
  • 516 5th Ave. South (.5 acre) is for sale, but no asking price revealed.  The one story nondescript brick structure built in 1960 on the sight covers 4,750 sq. ft. and is currently home to a party bike business, and a small surface lot.  
  • The 5 story, 14,350 sq. ft. structure at 131 2nd Ave. North (built in 1900) has been purchased by Mark Bloom and Larry Papel fro $6.29 million. It currently has no tenants, and was renovated in 2017.  It last sold  for $1.7 million in 2007.  Plans will be announced later this month. 
  • The 4 story, 100 unit MDHA affordable housing apartment project at 1419 Rosa Parks Blvd. (at NW corner of intersection with Taylor Place), is finally moving forward.   It will be called Randee Rogers Apartments. Mayor Briley announced that part of the $25 million bond for affordable housing will be utilized. It should be complete in 2021.
  • Sounds Retail building (2 stories, 60,000 sq. ft.) releases a new rendering showing entrance to Brooklyn Bowl.  
  • The mixed-use development planned for the NW corner of Jefferson St. and 3rd Ave. North continue to press forward as most of the land has now been purchased by Frontfour Nashville LP for $5.28 million (1121 3rd Ave. North and 300 Jefferson St.).  They have also signed a letter of intent for the .13 acre slice at 304 Jefferson which will finish the site. No word yet on design, size, or renderings of the planned project.
  • Goldman Sachs has signed a letter of intent to finance the 31 story 805 Lea Tower.  Today the developers will hopefully receive final approval on the design from MDHA. 
  • New rendering for 908 Division (16 stories, 300 units, ground level retail, 411 car garage).  Also, demo is finished and construction should start this month as Greystar has secured a $72.4 million loan from Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.  Should be complete by summer of 2021.
  • Massive international real estate company, Thor Equities, is under contract to buy the Cannery Row complex tat sits on 2.8 acres at the corner of Cannery Row and 8th Ave. South.  The complex features 3 popular music venues : Cannery Ballroom, The High Watt, and Mercy Lounge.  The structures date back to as old as 1880.  Todd Ohlhuaser, owner of the 3 music sites says they have a very long term lease in place. Hopefully all of this will be preserved and made even better. 
  • The .2 acre lot at 520 Lea Ave. (NE corner of Lea Ave. and 6th Ave. South) is finally for sale at $1.25 million. It site is wrapped on the north and east sides by the Sixth South Apartments complex (10 stories, 297 units, garage, ground level retail) which is just beginning construction. The asking price by the McDonald family, which has owned the site since 2003, is about $151 per sq. ft.   Beach Company, the developer of Sixth South Apts, is not interested in the lot.  
  • Southeastern is aiming at expanding the 11 acre, 300 unit apartment complex (three 4 and 5 story structures) it has planned for 341 Great Circle Rd. (the one time United Methodist Publishing House) by buying an additional 5 acres  just to the west at 345 Great Circle Rd.  Once they get approval for rezoning that second site, they can make additional alterations.  No word yet on how many more units/structures will be involved. 
  • A 5 story boutique hotel is being planned on the .2 acre site at 916 Main St. by the M Cubed Group.  It will feature 24 units, ground floor retail, and a 20 space garage underground.  Powell Architecture + Building Studio will be in charge of design.  Rendering available.
  • Another church building in East Nashville will be converted into a boutique hotel by the same folks who just opened The Russell.  Anchor Investments has bought the Eastside Church of Christ (built in 1925) at 2518 Gallatin Pike in East Nashville for $3 million, and plan a n $8 million build out.  They plan to convert the historic church’s Sunday school building into a boutique hotel, while morphing the sanctuary into a food and beverage area, that might have two restaurants.  The hotel portion is expected to have around 26 rooms.
  • The former church at 1600 Riverside Dr. (at NE corner with Porter Rd.) is being redeveloped into office space, and has been granted a $3.5 million construction permit.  Rendering available.
  • M Cubed continues its aggressive buying of area parcels with a 2 acre lot at 1510 Lebanon Pike (near the intersection with Spence Lane) for $1.06 million. Currently, a small taxi company is on site. No word yet on their plans, but they generally like doing mixed-use residential projects.  
  • The 2 & 3 story, 40 unit MDHA affordable housing townhome project at Cayce Place is finally moving forward.   This is a portion of the Envision Cayce redevelopment. Mayor Briley announced that part of the $25 million bond for affordable housing will be utilized. It should be complete in 2021. Rendering available.
  • The Nashville Civic Design Center has released a concept for a hypothetical capping of the Cumberland River that would combine the Main Street andWoodland Street Bridges.  It would feature a park, plaza, water features. As envisioned, the park would be about 1,000 feet long and 350 feet wide, thereby creating 350,000 square feet of new useable space. Renderings available.
  • The airport released some new diagrams of potential expansion of Terminal A by 2025, as well as extension of runway 2L.  Diagrams available.
  • Taylor Perkins and Riverchase Holdings have partnered for a new LLC to purchase the 1.62 acre parcel at 829 and 835 Dickerson Rd. for $1.1 million from Strategic Options.  The latter had bought the land for $425,000 in 2015, and announced a few years ago it was going to build a 4 story, 67 unit condo development there. Riverchase announced a month ago plans for a massive development on called Skyline East on 14.4 acres just two blocks to the south that will feature many residential units, office, and retail space in multiple 4 to 15 story structures. No word on the immediate plans for the land.  
  • The $100 million mixed-use project at 900 8th Ave. South (two 7 story buildings, hotel,  office space, 3 restaurants, some retail, garage) will now have Al Neyer taking about a 60% stake. 
  • The .47 acre lot at 924 8th Ave. South that includes a 4,800 sq. ft. structure currently home to All Seasons Gardening and Brewing Supply is up for sale.  Purchased for $475,000 in 2006, the asking price is now $4.5 million.  This is immediately south of the 8th & Bass mixed-use site.  
  • We finally have renderings of Olympic 1 (5 stories, 50 units) at 806 Olympic St., 1/4 block west of 8th Ave. South.  Construction is already underway.
  • Nathan Hysmith and Beau Fowler have finished the purchase of 3 acres  at 640 Merritt Ave.  and 520 Hagan St. for $8.76 million. Combined with their purchase of two acres adjacent last week, they have now spent $13.26 million for 5 acres they plan to develop into a mixed-use development that will eventually combine 300 residential units, retail/restaurant/flex space, and 250,000 sq. ft. of office space. Some of it will be conversions of warehouse/factory structures, and some will be new 4 to 6 story buildings.  Sketch of the layout that was released months ago is below.  Still no specific renderings. Total value of the 5 acres was a little over $1 million 11 years ago. 
  • Division Street Development is about to begin redevelopment of the factory/warehouse formerly home to Sanders Industrial Supply on the 1.5 acre v-shaped lot at 1420 3rd Ave. South in WeHo.  I believe it will be primarily office space, with some retail. STG Design is handling the architecture, and ARCO/Murray is in charge of construction. Renderings available.
  • Nathan Hysmith and Beau Fowler have finalized purchase of the 2 acres at 700 Hamilton Ave. for $4.5 million from Tenn. Concrete Assoc. Their plan is for 250 K of commercial space,  Smith Gee and Manuel Zeitlin are handling the master plan. No renderings available yet. 
  • A .75 acre parcel  at 20 and 24 Lafayette St.(just 1.5 block south of I-24/40 inner belt) has been listed at $4.5 million.  The owner had paid $500,000 for the lots 11 years ago.  An additional adjacent lot of .3 acres owned by a different entity, might also be available.  Lots of potential for this site in the future, especially once the Napier Homes redevelopment (just to the NE) happens in the next decade. 
  • Speedwagon Properties out of Chicago has paid $5.13 million for two lots covering a combined 1.2 acres just south of downtown at 915 and 922 5th Ave. South. Both are located in an Opportunity Zone which gives tax breaks for developers sparking real estate investment.   No word as to Speedwagon's plans for the sites.
  • The Metro Planning Commission adopted the 87 page Vision Plan for Music Row. It calls for more parks, retail shops and restaurants along 16th, 17th and 18th avenues between Broadway and Wedgewood Avenue. Those uses have historically been restricted or discouraged.  The core of Music Row — including Roy Acuff Place, Music Circle and Chet Atkins Place — is reserved for smaller music-related Class A office buildings as well as cafes and music venues. Building heights would decrease from a maximum of about 25 stories on the northern end, to 5-to-12 stories in the core. The Edgehill-adjacent streets are reserved for smaller creative uses like recording studios, event venues, bars and restaurants. The southern gateway to the district, along Wedgewood Avenue, is designated for residential and live-work developments with maximum heights of three stories. 
  • Enterprises has joined up with Mark McDonald to buy the lot at 1001 16th Ave. South from Belmont Church for $5.1 million.  This will be the location of a still unknown luxury hotel brand. The church had purchased the property in 1979 for $150,000. The hotel will have street-level retail and restaurant space.  A building on the property could be as high as 75 feet, but they expect to be well under that limit. Their original intention to also buy the additional small parking lot across the street at 67 Music Square East has been let go. 
  • M Cubed has purchased 1010, 1012, and 1014 18th Ave. South near Music Row for a collective $3 million.  These are one-time homes built in the 1920s that have incorporated music businesses over the past several decades.  They are directly to the north of the Midtown Place apartments ( 5 stores, 60 units) which were built on a similar sized plot in 2013.
  • Looks like another apartment complex might be coming to the Wedgewood Ave. corridor.  A trio of 1920s-era homes at 1616, 1618, and 1700 19th Ave. South (at the NE corner of Wedgwood and 19th Ave. South) have been purchased by Gremada Industries for a combined $3.1 million.  No further details, renderings, etc, at this time.
  • ServisFirst Bank is the first announced tenant for the Broadwest Office Tower.  It will take up the entire second floor of the structure for its new regional operations HQ, covering 20,000 square feet.  Will also have a 2,500 sq. ft. retail financial center in the smaller building that fronts  Hayes St. (3 stories tall facing the courtyard, 4 stories facing Hayes). Also, some new Broadwest renderings available.
  • Vandy Tower update: The implosion of Carmichael Tower 3 will be at 9 AM on Saturday, July 27th. Tower 4 will be coming down later in the summer via mechanical demolition. The implosion will be viewable online.
  • St. Thomas Midtown has requested clearance to demolish a rehab facility  to build a larger, 40 bed, freestanding facility in partnership with Kindred Health.  The proposed 98,000 sq. ft. will have a price tag of $48 million, and would include a two story garage.  No renderings available yet.
  • The 1.71 acres that entail 5 nondescript 2-story apartment buildings with about 50 units built in 1950 at  315 31st Ave. North and 3100 Long Blvd. in West End Park have been purchased by Parthenon Investments for $6.65 million.  Now word on their plan yet, but most likely the existing structures will be razed to make way for a denser residential project, like much of the rest of the neighborhood. 
  • Linden Row will be the name of the residential complex at 2400 21st Ave. South on the site of the former Catholic Archdiocese HQ.  Phase One will have several 3 story structures entailing 38 luxury townhomes. Work is underway.  Renderings available. 
  • JP Morgan Chase & Co. plan to build a new bank structure at 3811 Hillsboro Pike.  Up until recently, the site had been home to SunTrust Bank for decades. GBT Realty has purchased the property last month for $5.1 million, so it would appear they will be involved with the construction and then lease.  No word on size or renderings yet.
  • GBT continues its aggressive investment into the area by purchasing the approx. 1/2 acre site of former fire station at 2025 Richard Jones Rd. for $4 million.  This is immediately north of the 18 story Vertis Green Hills apartment tower.  No word on their plans just yet.
  • Lipscomb Academy is starting a $6.5 million expansion of their Lower School (2 year-olds to 4th graders) at 4517 Granny White Pike. It will include 22,000 sq. ft. of new space and 1,500 sq. ft. of renovation. 3 homes facing Harding Lane have been torn down as part of the project.  Should be complete by fall of 2020. Renderings available.
  • L&L Marketplace at 3814 Charlotte Ave (55,000 sq. ft. former warehouse built in early 1920s) will open this month with 8 eateries/bars, 16 retailers, office space, and public areas.  Terrific project. 
  • Price Development has released a diagram of the residential complex planned at 3800 Charlotte Ave (at NE corner with 38th Ave. North).  They paid &7.45 million for the 4.4 acre site, which will feature a trio of buildings as high as 6 stories and a 1/2 acre public park on the Charlotte corner. No renderings or timeline yet.
  • Fear of gentrification seems to be the main sticking point by community members near TSU where a 140,000 sq. ft. rocket plant on 13 acres of empty land is being considered.  The factory could eventually employ 150 people.  The unnamed developer from the west coast will continue meeting with community groups to find solutions that will dissolve their resistance.
  • New Hillwood H.S. designs at I-40 overlooking Harpeth River by Hastings Architecture.  3 stories, 300,000 sq. ft.  Renderings available.
  • The 1.18 acre site at 106 Duluth Ave on the western side of The Nations has sold for $2.2 million to former NFL quarterback Mark Bulger.  Currently, the Nashville Fabrication company operates a 20,000 sq. ft.  one story factory there. No word yet on Bulger's plans, but a mixed-use development seems to be the direction.
  • An assisted-living care facility to be called Harmony at Bellevue is being planned by Smith-Packett Med-Com for the 8.5 acre site at 8234 Highway 100, next to Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theater.  There will be 180 living units for the $40 million development, with ground breaking in July, and a completion date of spring 2021 planned. No renderings yet.
  • Metro is looking to buy 789 acres of open space at Bells Bend area for public space for food production, sustainability efforts, and agritourism. Cost will be $9.3 million. 
  • Buffalo Trails Apts. to finally get underway at 3711 Dickerson Pike. The $45 million complex will entail 240 affordable housing units on 18.2 acres.  A tree removal permit was granted today. No renderings yet.
  • Antioch businessman Ben Freeland is buying the former Hickory Hollow Mall from Dr. Raj Aggarwal for an undisclosed price.  It will be redeveloped, but not as another shopping complex.
  • Brentwood's new Police HQ has been approved by the city's planning commission. The $29 million project will be at 910 Heritage Way, near the Concord Rd. exit of I-65. It sits on 10 acres and the 2 story structure will cover 52, 000 sq. ft., as well as an annex that covers 5,220 sq. ft.  Completion date is targeted for first quarter of 2021. Renderings available.
  • Plans have been released for the conversion of the 5 acre O'More College of Design campus (with some structures up to 150 years old) in Franklin.  It will become known as Franklin Grove and Garden Estates, a preservation project taken on by the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County to restore the property and improve the grounds. Renderings available.
  • KDC, a large Dallas-based developer has joined SouthStar and Chartwell Hospitality to work on the 22 acre Aurem mixed-use project  at SW corner of Carothers Parkway and East McEwen Drive. As has been mentioned before, it will include 750 K sq. ft. of office space, 700 hotel rooms, 100 K of retail, and 480 residential units, plus massive garages.  A few new renderings of 12 story and 7 story structures that are parts of the development available.
  • Opportunity Zones in Nashville have been created as part of a federal plan to give tax-free development of rundown areas across the nation. Now countless exuberant investors swarming those designated areas and hustling to strike deals this calendar year so they can reap the maximum tax benefits. Opportunity Zones instantly enhanced land values, giving those property owners the chance to attract higher-caliber buyers — and causing some developers to totally rewrite their plans. By creating Opportunity Zones, the government is dangling unprecedented tax breaks in front of investors to funnel capital into historically low-income census tracts. A number of Nashville’s zones circle downtown, the epicenter of a surging economy that has laid bare inequality and made Nashville a more expensive place to live. The tax benefits are one more reason Nashville’s burst of development may not slow down anytime soon. 


  • Spirit Airlines is expanding into Nashville with nonstop flights to Baltimore, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.  Mom t will start Oct. 5th.
  • Delta Air Lines has named Nashville BNA as one of its “focus cities” and is planning a 10% increase in capacity.  Other Delta “focus cities” include Cincinnati, Raleigh/Durham, Austin and San Jose.
  • The airport set another new single month record of 1.66 million passengers in May.  Previous record was 1.54 million last October.  It was also 17% higher than May, 2018 (1.48 million). On average 22,000 people are screened thru security every day at the airport. 
  • The airport has more than doubled its financial impact for the region in just 6 years time. A new report shows the airport was up to $7.1 billion in economic impact in 2018, increased from $3.5 billion in 2012.
  • Aviation activity at BNA generated the following: 67,432 Tennessee jobs and $2.8 billion in personal income; $6 billion of business revenue to firms providing goods and services at the airport and to the local visitor industry; $168 million in state and local taxes and $224 million in federal aviation-specific taxes; 4.4 million visitors arriving through BNA spent $2.9 billion in the greater Nashville area for food, lodging, entertainment, retail, transportation services, and more.
  • BNA is considered the fourth-fastest growing airport among the 50 biggest airports in North America, and is considered the 33rd busiest airport in America.
  • Nashville’s CBD rated #6 in nation for largest amount of new office supply underway (12% compared to current inventory). 
  • Massive amounts of out-of-state money is being poured into Nashville's booming development.  Of 61 projects filed with construction loans of $10+ million in Davidson County (totaling more than $3 billion), 70% is tied to out-of-town lenders.  This is nearly triple what it was just 2 years ago. 
  • Nashville is one of three finalists for Quantum Health (currently in Columbus, OH) is looking at for relocation.  It could bring as many as 1,150 jobs. They are also looking at a Columbus suburb (Dublin) and Ft. Worth, TX.  No word on if they are looking for downtown or something like Williamson County.
  • Pilot.com plans on moving its Bay Area account-management HQ to Nashville and create 450 jobs.  The site will be 1 story warehouse at 2030 Lindell Ave. at SE corner of I-65/Wedgwood Ave. exit in WeHo.  No word on if they plan on converting that space or building something fresh.
  • Mitsubishi will relocate their North American HQ (200 jobs) to Franklin from California starting in August. 
  • Rooms to Go will hire 200 people to work at its new $69 million, 902,000 sq. ft. warehouse and outlet store at 125 Logistics Drive in Lebanon.
  • Xtend Healthcare is go into expand its Hendersonville based national HQ by 200 employees. 
  • Ralph Schulz, the president and CEO of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, told FOX Business there are currently about 121 businesses in the pipeline, either looking to expand or relocate to the Nashville area. 
  • Nashville Metro government approved $4.21 billion in construction permits in the just-completed fiscal year.  That is 13% higher than the previous high of $3.7 billion in FY '15-'16.  The permit volume averages to about $16 million of work approved each business day — or $2.3 million more, every day, than the prior fiscal year.
  • Starr Investment Holdings, a multi-billion dollar private equity firm from NYC, is expanding to Nashville later this summer to deepen its ties with the health care industry. The firm's deep pockets will be a major boost to Nashville’s private equity landscape. Starr Investment Holdings provides growth equity and leveraged buyouts, with investments ranging from $25 million to $1.5 billion. 
  • Home sales in metro Nashville set an all-time record in May, exceeding last May by 10%.  May 2019: 4172.  May 2018: 3767. June 2018---4036 (old record).  June 2019 (pending sales): 3940.  Average home price at $318,000, up from $299,000 a year ago.  Condos up to $232,00 from $226,00 last year. 
  • Nashville-area home prices have jumped 85% since their lowest post-recession point in 2011, according to Attom Data Solutions. 
  • MCC generated $101.6 million in economic impact in April and May, hosting a total of 57 events with 84,950 attendance, and 63,915 hotel room nights. These figures are not part of what came in from the NFL Draft.Fiscal year-to-date, 244 events have been hosted with a collective attendance of about 416,900 and a direct economic impact of $363.8 million.
  • The CBS show “Tell Me A Story” is basing its second season in Nashville and filming on location. Each season modernizes a classic fairy tale and this upcoming season puts the story of “Beauty and The Beast” in the context of a singer/songwriter looking to make it big in Music City. It’s set to air later this year.
  • One of the finalists for “The Bachelorette” is a Nashville guy, and that they will be in Nashville to film a portion of an upcoming episode.
  • Bonnaroo Festival has its first sellout in 7 years with 80,000 in attendance from June 13-16.
  • The Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team on winning their 2nd College World Series Championship in the 5 years last night.  Manager Tim Corbin has created a program that most consider the best on the collegiate level.  Anchor Down! 

    Hope you can join us this Saturday at 10 AM for fun, lively conversation on all the great forward movement in/around Music City!   : )
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If you need a ride back I can do that as I go back that way as well.

Here as well. Parking at the 4th and Harrison lot is a 5 minute  walk from Luna Llena. If you park at the restaurant,  be prepared to pay around 10 dollars as they ticket and boot. Some of us found out the hard way as we did not know they were charging at the lot and ended up with a 75 dollar boot and ticket fee.

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Our next Urban Planet Nashville Meet-Up will be this coming Saturday, Aug. 3rd, from 10 AM to noon at Luna Llena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway, at the NW corner of JRP and 3rd Avenue North).  The parking lot next door is now under new management and no longer gives free parking to La Luna customers, so either be prepared to pay there, or seek out free parking on some of the neighboring side streets, or free spaces in the State Employee lots a few blocks to the north.

Some of the stories that we will be discussing include:  Ramifications of Amazon’s 20 year lease plus first right of refusal on other office space at Nashville Yards;  Thoughts on the possible huge Oracle office for Nashville; 1100 Porter Hotel will be and EDITION high-end brand; Printers Alley being extended to the south;  Possible change of hands with the Moore Building project in Midtown; Parthenon Investments keeps buying upland for larger residential project in West End Park; Music City Roots building 1,000 capacity theater in Madison; Lindsey’s Corner will be large medical office complex on Charlotte at 42nd Ave North; and much more. A full agenda will be posted on this thread in the next few days.

Looking forward to another great meeting.  Hope to see you there!   : )


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Here is the agenda for this Saturday's (Aug. 3rd) monthly Dave Luna Nashville Urban Planet Forum Meet-Up from 10 AM to noon at  Luna Lena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway at NW corner of JRP and 3rd Ave. North):

  • Introduce and get to know any new attendees.   : )
  • Get reports from anyone who traveled to other cities in the past few weeks for quick overviews of what they experienced.
  • Cranes up: 2012 West End Ave, Broadwest (4th)
  • Cranes down: Drury Plaza, Graduate Hotel
  • Total cranes currently up in Davidson County: 32; so far this year: 41
  • Topped Out: 5th & Broadway Apt. Tower (34 stories)
  • Demo: Tennessean Buildings, Vandy Carmichael Tower 3


  • Amazon signed a 20 year lease with an extension for another 20 years with Nashville Yards for their two towers.  They also get first offer/first refusals rights on any other office space within the huge development.
  • The 1100 Porter will be an EDITION brand from the Marriott family of hotels.  Besides the 280 rooms, it will offer five food and beverage outlets: a restaurant, a lobby bar, a swimming pool bar, a rooftop bar and terrace, and an entertainment venue. The hotel will also feature a wellness floor with a spa, a fitness center and an outdoor pool. At basement level, the building will include a 8,900-square-foot food hall. There are only 8 other EDITION brands around the globe.
  • The newly formed Historic Capital Corridor Foundation (a group opposed to the Paramount Tower at Church Street pocket park) has hired Dan Biederman, who helped revitalize NYC's Bryant Park, to try and do the same here. He is being asked to to craft recommendations on how to repurpose and program the downtown pocket park, in addition to Anne Dallas Dudley Boulevard, Legislative Plaza, the War Memorial Building and the Hermitage Hotel. Thomas Mulgrew, Mayor Briley's spokesman, said, "An RFP to redesign Church Street Park is still being considered. However, before moving forward with any of that process, the Planning Department, in consultation with other departments, will hold a series of public discussions to gather community input and feedback."
  • Asurion has slightly new renderings.  Still 9/11 stories on building one, and 8/10 stories on building 2.
  • A 10 & 11 story, 351 unit apartment development is planned by Dinerstein Companies on the former RJ Young site at 805-809 Division St. in The Gulch. No word yet on the construction timetable, nor renderings made available.  Reports are that it will be a contemporary design. Hoar Construction is reportedly the contractor.  
  • Haven at The Gulch has a new rendering.
  • Criminal Justice Center, which is nearly complete, has a new aerial rendering showing how landscaping will look.
  • 218 4th Ave. North (where Which Wich used to be located just north of Dream Hotel) has sold for &7.86 million to an unidentified buyer. No word on intentions for the site yet.
  • The owners of One Nashville Place are looking to extend Printers.
  • Alley south across Church St. with a beer garden of sorts that would exist on the backside of their building, which borders the famous alley.   This could jumpstart the rest of that portion in being developed as well.
  • Bad Axe Throwing, a Canadian-based entertainment venture, will be converting the 1-story, 9,000 sq. ft. low-grade manufacturing structure at 648 Fogg St. into a new club. It will offer 15 pairs of throwing lanes, a stage for live music and a rooftop bar and entertainment area with skyline views. The goal is to have the Nashville Bad Axe rank among the largest such facilities in North America and to lure the World Axe Throwing League World Championship (as seen on ESPN2) to Nashville.
  • A key .78 acre surface lot with the addresses 1601, 1605, and 1607 Broadway (at SW corner with 16th Ave. South) is under contract to be sold.  No word yet on the the buyer, the price, or what concepts the developer might have.  Lots going on with various properties in this neighborhood since Broadwest has gotten underway.
  • Portman Holdings out of Atlanta has purchased the .7 acre site that was slated for The Moore from David Creed and Ryan Chapman.  They are now seeking Metro approval to increase the size of the structure from 214,000 sq. ft. to 255,000 sq. ft. of office space.  No word on the purchase price or further details or rendering available yet.  If the building is to maintain the same footprint, this would be a 20% increase in height, meaning about another 3 stories, taking it up to at least 18 stories.
  • Jay Patel, under the auspices of Elliston Hospitality LLC, has gone ahead and purchased the Louise Douglas Apartments at 2221 Elliston Place, and 114/118 Louise Ave. for $6.5 million. Hilsea Holdings bought the charming 3 story brick 1920s-era structure in 1992 for $675,000. Metro Planning Commission in January deferred voting on JV Hospitality’s request to rezone the properties to allow for a future building(s). Not sure if the rezoning passed on July 16th.
  • Parthenon Investments continues to buy up some small, older apartment complexes in the block that faces 31st Ave. North and is bordered on the north by Parthenon Ave. and the south by Long Blvd.  They just wrapped up 307 31st Ave. North and 406 Acova St. for a combined $6.05 million.  Last month they had purchased 3100 Long Blvd. and 315 31st Ave. North for a combined $6.65 million. It would appear all of this is being amassed for a large West End Park project.  A diagram of the potential new project is available.  Looks lie it might be at least 4 stories.
  • The Manning (7 and 4 stories, 36 luxury condos) at the 100 block of Woodmont Blvd. has landed a $1.2 million permit for foundation construction.  Also, a new rendering provided.
  • The Soho House boutique hotel that will take up residence in the May Hosiery complex (500 Houston St.) will feature 49 rooms, a swimming pool, and private members-only club.  It appears that the front entrance will face Houston St.  Metro documents show that the hotel will be joined by four restaurants, as well as various artisan, office, and retail space. 
  • E3 Chophouse in the V21 complex at the NE corner of Wedgewood and 21st Ave. South in Hillsboro Village will open this fall. The 13,000 sq. ft. space will span 3 floors including a rooftop bar (the only one in The Village).  New rendering.
  • MetroCenter Flats will be the name of new residential project on the empty 6.27 acre plot at 339 Athens Way to be developed by AH Nashville Development LLC, which purchased the land for $2.36 million in April. No word on timeline, size, renderings, etc. yet. 
  • The infamous Stadium Inn is getting set to close for 12 months and will be reimagined as a boutique hotel. The current owners, Parkway Assocites LLC, are partnering with Rob Lowe of Cushman & Wakefield, and others for the project. It will likely not be a name brand.  The new iteration will have about 110 rooms, and a penthouse unit with a living room, dining room and kitchen. In those plans, there are three areas labeled as bars, as well as a "broadcast room" on the first floor of the seven-story hotel. No renderings yet.
  • A 40,000 sq. ft. event space will be the first phase of an entertainment complex on Davidson St. near Nashville Go Karts and PSC Metals that will get underway soon. The second phase of the converted warehouse will include another ballroom space with a dedicated restaurant and lounge. It will be similar to Marathon Music Center.
  • The A-1 Used Car lot at 1308 Dickerson Pike has been sold again, this time to St. Joseph Properties.  It appears another residential project of unknown size is being planned. 
  • Phase 2 of the Highland Yards redevelopment on Douglas Ave will feature 2 old industrial buildings and some land at 754 Douglas Avenue and 830 W. McKennie Ave, that was purchased for $1.08 million in late June.  Renderings available.
  • Christian Paro, who last month purchased the Art & Invention Gallery at 1106 Woodland Ave., is looking to update the structure to house creative businesses. Rendering available.
  • The structure that used to house the Family Dollar Store at Five Points (1000 Woodland St.) is being converted into a sports bar to be called Brewsters Bar and Grille.  It covers 6,750 sq. ft. Rendering available.
  • Music City Roots will build a  700-1,000 seat theater to be called The Roots Barn next to Amqui Station a one-time depot on the L&N Railroad in  Madison.
  • The new Yazoo Brewery in Madison opened on July 12th.
  • Dry Creek Station will be new mixed-use development featuring 394 residential units, 46 townhomes, and 2,500 sq. ft. of retail space on 22 acres (currently empty) at 320 Connare Drive, 1 block west of Gallatin Pike in Madison.  No renderings as of yet.
  • The Grand Ole Opry House has opened a new custom built theater called The Circle Room that features a film history of the 94 year old institution. It is the final piece in a $12 million expansion and renovation to enhance the Opry guest experience that also includes a new retail store, upgraded food/beverage shops, plaza, and additional parking.
  • Markham East, a 101 unit townhome (a mix of two- and three-story structures),  with a 3,000 sq. ft. commercial building is set to start in October at 2481 Lebanon Pike near the Donelson Music City Star commuter station. Rendering available.
  • A 3 story mixed-use structure is being planned for the empty .34 acre lot at 1402 Buchanan St.  Jackson Builders purchased it for $400,000 earlier this week, and wants to a structure that features main floor retail, and residential units on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Zoning is already in place.  Building Ideas will be the architect. A Feb. 2020 groundbreaking is planned. No renderings available yet. This will continue to help the slow-but-steady percolation of activity that is igniting positive change along the Buchanan corridor. 
  • An $18 million transit center is being planned for the SE corner of Clarksville Pike and 26th Ave. North.  It will include an enclosed, climate-controlled passenger waiting center, additional sidewalk infrastructure and space to more easily access other transportation options, such as bike sharing or park-and-ride lots. Furthermore, officials intend to funnel additional routes through North Nashville, expand operating hours and introduce two rapid-bus routes if the center is funded. Renderings available.
  • Lindsey’s Corner will be the name of a mixed-use development on the 1.4 acre plot at 4110 Charlotte Ave. on the former site of the Tennessee Workshop for the Blind.  It is immediately to the west of the recently opened Sylvan Station development.  This Aglitas Property Development will feature two 4 story structures that will entail 75,000 sq. ft. of medical space, 23,000 sq. ft. of office, and 10,600 sq. ft. of retail facing Charlotte Ave. There will also be an internal parking garage of unknown capacity. Approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of the space has already been committed to unnamed tenants. Construction is set to being in October. Renderings and diagrams available.
  • Wood Partners out of Atlanta appears to be the developer behind a 4 building, 300 unit residential project for 5800 Centennial Blvd. (spanning 61st and 51st Avenues North) in The Nations.  The 6 acre site is currently home to Full Circle Disposal. No word yet on when this will start. Renderings available.
  • The one story, 8.000 sq. ft. industrial space at 5101 Kentucky Ave. in The Nations is being repurposed as creative office space and retail.   Its most recent tenant was an auto and boat upholstery service. 
  • Plans for a 94-unit townhome, 170 unit hotel, and 18,000 sq. ft. retail space at Old Hickory Blvd. and Sonya Drive (on the SE corner of I-40/OHB exit)  development in Bellevue advanced this week after they were approved on second reading by Metro Council. The first phase of construction will be the residential portion, and could begin in August. 
  • Harmony at Bellevue,  a 154,376 square-foot assisted living facility at 8234 Highway 100, has landed a building permit of $25.3 million to begin construction . It will get underway this month and be finished by  spring of 2021.  Hardaway Construction Corp. is handling the build. Still no rendering.


  • Fiscal Year 2019 that just finished, Nashville Airport announces "Five Firsts":
  • Topped 17 million total annual passengers
  • Increased passengers in a single year by more than 2 million
  • Increased annual passengers by 15 percent
  • Set passenger records for the sixth consecutive year
  • Set monthly passenger total record for June with 1,676,386 passengers, some 13,000 more than the previous record set in May 2019.
  • More specifically, in FY19 (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019), 17,171,821 passengers traveled into and out of BNA, an increase of more than 2.2 million passengers over last year's record, and representing an unprecedented 15 percent rate of annual growth. 
  • Also, the airport has now passed Dallas Love Field (Southwest’s HQ) in total annual passengers.
  • Tennessee rated #1 for "Best Business Climate" by Business Facilities' latest annual ranking. 
  • CMA Fest in June generated a record $65 million in direct visitor spending during its sold-out four-day run.  This is an increase of 6% over last year's record. 84% of the crowd was from out-of-town. 51% said they were first-time attendees. 67% stayed at hotels, 16% at AirBnB type rentals.  On a scale of 1-10, 9.4 said they were likely to recommend the event next year. Average length of stay was 5 days.   All 50 states were represented (the top six were Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York). of the 37 countries that had attendees, the top markets included Canada, Australia, England, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, India and Switzerland.
  • Nashville moves up to #6 (from #7) in Cvent’s “Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the U.S.”
  • Gov. Lee will be meeting with senior executives of Oracle on the west coast this week regarding a possible large office in Nashville that would employ 1,000 initially, and could potentially triple that.   They would need 500,000 sq. ft. to begin with, and the ability to double that.  Many sources say that Oracle would want to own their own site.  Last May Oracle officials toured Nashville looking at potential locations.  Music City is apparently one of several possible options for this new major office.  
  • Mark Baum, the head of Harrow Health--a pharmaceuticals company relocating from San Diego to Nashville--had this to say  about the business environment here: “We are getting ripped off in California” Baum said, recounting his conversation with his chief financial officer. “It’s the most business-friendly place in the galaxy. You add all of that up, I said, 'This is the place to go’.”  Baum readily praises Nashville’s cost of living, universities, food, friendly residents, four seasons, the music, the airport, amenities for kids and much better traffic conditions than he is accustomed to in California.Baum predicts many businesses from California will follow suit, more than current residents and business people probably expect. “They have no idea what’s about to happen over the next 10 to 20 years. This is the very, very beginning. This is nothing,” Baum said, adding with a laugh, “and there is no state income tax.”
  • SmileDirectClub has leased 37,000 sq. ft. of space covering 3 floors of the UBS Tower.  That building will house 600 employees by the end of January (already 200 there). They also occupy 40,000 sq. ft. of space at Philips Plaza.  The company is now up to about 2,000 employees in Nashville since relocating here in 2016.  Plans are for another 2,000 over the next five years.
  • Amazon will start yet another distribution center in the 98,250 sq. ft.space at 2 Dell Parkway near the airport that used to be home to the Goo Goo Cluster plant.  No word yet on how many employees will be needed to service the facility, although based on other similar sized projects at their five existing locations, it could be around 700.  This has nothing to do with the 5,000+ jobs that will be involved in their Nashville Yards expansion.
  • Czechoslovakia’s Furch Guitars is setting up their North American HQ in Nashville. We chose Nashville specifically because we were looking for a sort of Silicon Valley of the music industry and it turns out that Nashville seems to be that sort of place.
  • Williamson County Tourism grew 13.6% in 2018 up to 1.72 million visitors over 1.51 in 2017. It is up 500,000 additional annual guests since 2014.  Also, it is the 4th consecutive year that the county has outpaced the national average for tourism growth. With the opening of the 244 room Hilton Franklin Hotel, the county now has 5,198 rooms.
  • Nashville is ranked the 3rd most popular food destination in the U.S. (behind Chicago and Philadelphia) in a new survey of 1,000 respondents a VacationRenter.com. 
  • A deal involving the purchase of three media-production companies is bringing a new headquarters to Nashville. Live Media Group Holdings, a Los Angeles based media company, has announced the purchase of Nashville-based TNDV: Television, Knoxville-based Harb Production Services and L.A.-based Coastal Media Group.
  • Nashville has been chosen by the SEC (South Eastern Conference) to host its Football Media Days in spring of 2021.  The host hotel will be the by-then-newly opened Grand Hyatt at Nashville Yards.  There are often over 1,000 media passes issued, and it is given considerable covered by three TV networks, including ESPN.
  • Clarksville rates #9 in nation for U.S. Cities where millennials are moving. Murfreesboro comes in at #12.  This according to SmartAsset.
  • Downtown is booming according to Nashville Downtown Partnership’s mid-year report. Current population is 12,000, and may hit 20,000 by 2022. Currently 8,366 residential units (58% rental).  There are 2,104 units under construction, and another 2,913 in planning stages. 37% of residents have moved in from out of state. 40% are millennials, 30% Gen X, and 30% Baby Boomers. 40% earn more than$100 K per year.

    Hope you can join us for more lively and fun discussion on all of the great development happenings around Music City!   : )
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Remember, parking is over 10 dollars in that lot there now. Free parking in the state lot at 4th & Harrison. Also up by the Capitol on 6th Ave North on the other side of the Hull building and Baronakim also says parking on Gay street along the river is free on the weekends on the unmetered spots.

I will be there early as usual.


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For those coming to the Meet-Up Saturday morning at 10 AM, be aware that I-24 will be closed this weekend.

TDOT will begin bridge repair along I-24 at 8 p.m. Friday night, which will close the Shelby Avenue, James Robertson Parkway, Spring Street and Jefferson Street exits until 5 a.m. Monday.

According to TDOT, I-24 will be closed in both directions between the I-40 interchange and the I-65 interchange for bridge joint repair.

Woodland Street and the Woodland Street Bridge will both remain open.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Our next Dave Luna Urban Planet Nashville Meet-Up will be this coming Saturday, Sept. 7th, from 10 AM to noon at Luna Llena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway, at the NW corner of JRP and 3rd Avenue North).  The parking lot next door is now under new management and no longer gives free parking to La Luna customers, so either be prepared to pay there, or seek out free parking on some of the neighboring side streets, or free spaces in the State Employee lots a few blocks to the north.

Some of the stories that we will be discussing include:  Bob Swerdling’s plans for a combo 36 story/14 story hotel at 1st and KVB; 127 Rosa Parks 24 story hotel/residential tower; ONE22ONE Tower looks like it will be 28 stories and 528,000 sq. ft; Hotel Indigo’s 13 story addition over the top of the historic 2 story bank  building next door will be 180’; Somera Road developers released plans for the triangular lot that includes the Voorhees Building and the former Downtown Antique Mall, as well as a new structure that may rise as high as 11 stories; new MLS Stadium renderings released; a massive 3.5 million sq. ft/5 story warehouse is being planned for Mt. Juliet by Panattoni Company—most likely for Amazon; and much more.  

A full agenda will be posted here later this week.  Looking forward to another great meeting.   Hope you can join in on all the lively discussion.   : )

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Here is the agenda for this Saturday's (Sept. 7th) monthly Dave Luna Nashville Urban Planet Forum Meet-Up from 10 AM to noon at  Luna Lena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway at NW corner of JRP and 3rd Ave. North):

  • Greet and meet any new attendees.  : )
  • Get reports from anyone who traveled to other cities in the past few weeks for quick overviews of what they experienced.
  • Cranes up: TownePlace Suites (Charlotte Ave.), 1 Hotel, LaQuinta Inn (Interstate Dr.), Asurion #2 
  • Crane down: Belcourt Village
  • Total cranes currently up in Davidson County: 34; so far this year: 49
  • Topped Out: The Joseph Hotel (21 stories), Belcourt Village (4), Staybridge Hotel, Charlotte Ave. (4), Dismas House (4), TSU Health Sciences Building (4), 915 Monroe, Phase III (3) 


  • Bob Swerdling plans a two tower hotel, one at 36 stories, 450’, 491 rooms, and sky bar (probably Fairmont brand); and the other at 14 stories, 200’, and 200 rooms for the SW corner of KVB and 1st Ave. The two structures will share a common parking garage. There will be traditional materials utilized like brick, along with glass and aluminum. The larger tower will feature a distinctive arc of glass and metal paneling."We're framing it like we're pulling the curtain back on the Nashville stage," Beene said, with the brick hotel being more "backstage" and the tower on Korean Veterans Boulevard being "on-stage,"  says Laura Beene of ESa, which is serving as the architect. Ragan Smith assisting on land planning/engineering. The complex will feature multiple ballrooms and significant meeting space. Renderings available.  The 14 story brick tower will hopefully land a millennial-focused brand with smaller rooms.- The 14 story tower will hopefully land a millennial-focused brand with smaller rooms. He hopes to break ground "early next year.”
  • 127 Rosa Parks will be a 24 story, 285’ mixed-use tower featuring a 250 room hotel, 134 residential units, ground level retail, and a 245 capacity garage. HRI out of New Orleans is the developer, and ESa is the architect.  This is on the SW corner of Rosa L. Parks Blvd. (8th Ave. North) and Commerce St. (currently a surface parking lot). Renderings and diagrams available. 
  • ONE22ONE Tower has submitted for 28 stories to Downtown Code Design Review Committee. 528,000 sq. ft. of office space, 18,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 939 capacity garage, of which 3 levels will be below grade. Apparently they have been able to finalize the purchase of the sliver along 13th Ave. South from Rusty Dunn to complete the site. New renderings and diagrams available.
  • A few new details about the EDITION Hotel at 1100 Porter: The concert venue will be at street level; the exterior will be glass, brass-toned metal, and cast concrete; the greenery will include 20+ trees around the top of the first level, vines handing down on three levels., and about a dozen trees at street level.  New renderings available.
  • The Hotel Indigo has some new renderings of the 15 story addition 13 on top of existing 1905-era 2 story bank building). Gresham Smith and Ragan Smith have done the designs. The building would be clad primarily in brick to with windows sizes and spacing to match that of the existing Hotel Indigo windows. It would stand about 180 feet. Also, more plans for the club along the back entrance along Printers Alley revealed. Renderings available.
  • Another interesting purchase: an unknown LLC has purchased the L&C Garage at 144-148 5th Ave. North (6 stories, 291 spots, some ground level retail) for $17 million.  Elmington Capital had acquired the .47 acre property in 2015 for $7 million. This prime location is certainly a money-maker as a garage...but could be even more of a golden goose if it were replaced by a 50-70 story tower with a new inclusive 10 level garage (5 below grade).   Who knows, perhaps the same folks are negotiating for the narrow surface lot just to the south that borders on Commerce Street for an even more substantial footprint. 
  • Tony Giarratana is proposing an overhaul to Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd. into  a green space concept known as a "woonerf" originally implemented in The Netherlands. It would offer one acre of green space. In contrast, Church Street Park covers 0.27 acres, according to Metro records. As planned, the future Anne Dallas Dudley Park could be closed for events. The street itself would function much like the segment of Fifth Avenue South between Korean Veterans Boulevard and Demonbreun Street, which has no curbs and sees pedestrians and motorists interacting in a relatively safe and distinctive manner. The park could offer, among others, movies, live music, free wi-fi, so-called technology smart benches, puppet shows, yoga and food carts. Renderings available.
  • The Glen Campbell Museum and Rhinestone Stage will be going in the 2nd floor of 111 Broadway (the Rock Bottom Brewery building). It will cover 4,000 sq. ft. featuring immersive, interactive displays showcasing different stages of Campbell's career. In the evenings, the museum will transform into live music venue called The Rhinestone Stage, where national and local touring acts can perform intimate shows in front of 135 people. Will be open in early 2020.
  • The Capitol Hotel (711 Union St.) was approved by MDHA Design Review Committee for the 5 story, 29 room addition to the 99 room hotel that would face Polk St. The addition will cover about 10,500 more sq. ft.  
  • 5th & Broadway’s Food Hall will be known as Assembly Food Hall. Three new tenants — DeSano Pizzeria, Zulema’s Taqueria and NoBaked Cookie Dough — have agreed to join the 100,000-square-foot food hall new tenants.
  • Somera Road, a development firm out of NYC, is finalizing details on the purchase of 2.6 acres along 8th Ave. South by year's end that includes the Voorhees Building and the onetime home of the Downtown Antique Mall. The plan will be to keep and upgrade those two structures and upgrading them with new lobbies, windows, elevators,  etc. to become Class A office space. Most likely the remaining 3 other nondescript/non-historical buildings on the site would be razed.  In their place could go new structures that might rise as high as 11 stories that would weave between those remaining two. Mixed-use of retail, office, hotel, and parking is envisioned. Manuel Zeitlan Architects and ESa have been enlisted for design and architectural efforts. They are open to selling some of the parcels or co-developing. Massing renders available.
  • Hume House and The Hamilton (4 & 5 stories, internal garage, unknown amount of units) will be two new residential buildings that will sit on the empty lot between Taylor Flats on the east and Werthen Lofts on the west in Germantown. SWH out of Atlanta is the developer and Smith Gee is the architect. Renderings available.
  • Greystar’s 19th Ave. South and Broadway development has released a final site plan submitted a final site plan to Metro: 26 story residential tower (about 295 feet) with 355 units, a 16 story hotel (about 170 ft.) with 220 rooms, and 3,500 sq. ft. of ground floor retail. They go before Metro Planning on Oct. 10th for approval. Renderings available.
  • The Moore Building at 19th Ave. South and Chet Atkins Place will get underway in December, whether tenants are lined-up or not, according to developer Portman Holdings. Cost will be $107 million.  Still 15 stories, but now with 227,000 sq. ft. Of office space, and 8,500 sq. ft. Of ground floor retail.  New renderings. 
  • Jane Chera has added another piece into a group of lots along 18th Ave. South for what appears to be plans for a mixed-use development. She just purchased the building and .17 acre lot  at 704 18th Ave. South.  No price was given.  She now owns The Patterson House/Catbird Seat at the corner of 18th and Division, as well as the three homes (now businesses) directly to the south on a total of .54 acre. 
  • Woodfield Development will be building a 292 unit apartment complex  on the 2.2 acre site at the NW corner of McMillan and State St.  according to Metro permit documents. No renderings as of yet.The land is currently owned by Mark Bloom and Larry Papel of State Street Partners LLC.  They bought the land for $4.5 million 4 years ago. Woodfield has built more than 30 luxury apartment communities mainly on the east coast.  This will be their first foray in Nashville. 
  • Vandy makes a huge real estate purchase worth $103 million for the land and buildings that encompass Holiday Inn on West End, Redlands Grille (formerly J. Alexanders), and an office building at 2609-2613 West End Ave.
  • An unnamed LLC associated with M Cubed was granted a $6.7 million construction loan to get started on a residential project (still no size ore render released) for the three tracks at 1010-104 18th Ave. South. There are currently three 1920-era cottage homes located there that will be razed. by Harris Demolition.  The entity paid  $3 million total for those 3 properties last month.
  • Scott Borchetta, founder of big Machine Label Group, has paid $6 million to Ray Stevens for .9 acres of land  from 1208-1216 17th Ave. South.  The plot of 5 homes (mostly built in the 1920s) that have been occupied by music businesses starts 2 doors south of Oceanway Studios.  98 Holdings Group (Borchetta's real estate development firm) has been expanding with restaurants, distilleries, and other entertainment venues.  Looks like he has something up his sleeve  for this area.
  • The state has approved for Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown to build a 98,000 sq. ft., $48 million freestanding rehab hospital at the midtown campus. The 40 bed facility will sit on top of a 2 level parking garage and will replace the current 24 bed facility at the east corner of 21st Ave. North and Patterson St.  Construction should begin in September, and be complete sometime in 2022.  No renderings yet.
  • Centennial Park Phase II Remodel (19 acres) is underway. New landscaping around band shell, Great Lawn, west entrance, promenades, lighting of Parthenon. Renderings available.
  • M Cubed has its 4 building/3 &4 story/34 unit residential project for 810 Jefferson St. (on former site of Church's Chicken) approved by MDHA. Architect is Powell Architecture Studio + Building. Renderings available.
  • Willie B's Daiquiri Bar and Kitchen will open late this year at 918 Buchanan St.  This is another hopeful sign in the resurgence of the Buchanan corridor. The 1 story structure, which as built in 1960, will cover 3,700 square feet and is expected to seat 220 people.  A Metro permit values construction work for the project at $40,000. Vivid1 Architecture is doing the design.
  • Cloudkitchens, a conglomerate of 42 commercial kitchens, is being planned for an adaptive re-use of the 18,000 sq. ft.  warehouse space at 614-700 18th Ave. North, just north of the Martin Luther King Jr. Hight School on the near north side. Diego Berdakin, the founder of CloudKitchens, bought the property in May for $1.6 million.
  • New renderings for the soccer stadium. Capacity being listed at 30,000. There will be 6 lounges and 2 dozen luxury suites. Cost overruns may be as much as $75 million above the original $250 million budget, but team ownership will cover them. No further delays in construction as Metro Council voted down (by a count of 17-10 with 4 abstentions) a final resolution from Steve Glover that would’ve brought things to a halt. Demo to a dozen fairground structures should star as early as Sept. 20th, after the Tenn. Sate Fair is complete.
  • Tuck Hinton Architecture is the first tenant to move into the May Hosiery redevelopment in WeHo.  They are taking the top floor of the southern structure that faces Houston St. Beautiful adaptive reuse of one of the former sock factory’s warehouses. 
  • Speedwagon Properties has purchased more land in Chestnut Hill: a 3 parcel 1.01 acre site at 937, 939, and 941 6th Ave. South for $4 million.  The same land sold in 2013 for $750,000.  Design Light operates out of the one story building on site now, but is going to move.  In June, Speedway bought 915 and 919 5th Ave. South for $5.1 million.  No word yet on Speedwagons' plans. 
  • Fieldhouse Jones (4 & 5 stories, 100 rooms, 2 bars, coffeehouse) opened on Aug. 14th at 811 Main St. 
  • Groundbreaking was a couple days ago for Red Oaks Flats, the 5th residential portion of the Envision Cayce project.  It will include 102 apartments, with 45 set aside for current Cayce Place residents, and 57 others divided between subsidized PBRA (project-based rental assistance) housing, low cost “workforce” housing, and market-rate units. Red Oaks Flats will be along South Seventh Street and will also feature covered parking, a computer room, a large courtyard, and a playground. Each apartment also includes an outdoor space such as a balcony or porch, and several mature, trees will remain onsite to add to the appeal of the neighborhood. It is expected to be completed in early 2021. Rendering available.
  • The Lindsley Place (3 stories, 18 townhomes, 2 condos, 1,700 sq. ft. of ground level retail) project that has been delayed for 2 years is finally going to get underway.  Metro Council approved the final reading on rezoning for the 3.2 acre tract at the NW corner of Cleveland and Meridian Streets in Cleveland Park.  It is no longer being spearheaded by Rochford Realty and Construction, but is still unclear exactly who is  in charge. Renderings available. 
  • The 4 story mixed-use project for 829 Dickerson Pike that will feature 36 residential units and ground level retail, has been approved by MDHA. Taylor Perkins and Riverchase Holdings are co-developing. The 1.62 acre site.  Rendering available. 
  • Another Dickerson Pike motel is going to be remodeled as an independent  boutique. The 18 unit Metro Motel at 1404 Dickerson Pike will be restored to its 1950s era modern design with up-to-date amenities. A late 202 opening is planned.
  • A large warehouse complex (131,000 sq. ft.) built in 1923 at 515 Foster St. in East Nashville in the McFerrin Park neighborhood (next to Ellington Parkway) has been purchased by an LLC associated with Emerald Real Estate Partners out ofCalifornia for $6 million.  This is over four times what it sold for 5 years ago. No word on plans for the site.  It is just a few blocks east of the large mixed-use Skyline East project that is being proposed. 
  • A pub to be called Eastwood Assembly is being planned for a one-time church building at 714 Gallatin Ave., about 7 blocks north of Five Points.   The structure was built in the 1940s. 
  • H.G. Hill Realty appears to be getting ready for another mixed-use Hill Center, this time in Donelson.  They just bought a .6 acre lot at 2725 Lebanon Pike which is currently home to Lyk-Nu Collision Center.  This is next door to the 2.9 acre Hill Realty lot which they have had since 1955.  This 3.5 acres is now primed for a similar center like the ones they have in Green Hills, Belle Meade, Sylvan Heights, and the planned one in East Nashville. The location is also close to the Music City Star Donelson train station.
  • Woodmont Christian Church at the SW corner of Hillsboro Rd. and Woodmont Blvd, is breaking ground on an a $9 million addition of 17,000 sq. ft.  The 2 and 3 story structure will feature classrooms and a 215 seat chapel. Renderings available. 
  • OneC1TY has begun to actively market the 5 City Avenue office tower (12-13 stories, 230,000 sq. ft., fitness center, 520 capacity garage) on its website. So, perhaps groundbreaking is not in the too-distant-future. Renderings and diagrams available.
  • 405 Charlotte Development Partners will present their plans for a 6 story mixed use building on 1.92 acres at 405 40th Ave. North, just north of Charlotte Ave. to Metro Council tonight.  It will feature 152 residential units, as well as 5,400 sq. ft. of restaurant space, and 4,600 sq. ft. of retail, on ground level,  plus parking.  There will also be 9,000 sq. ft. of open space visible and open to the public. Updated renderings available.
  • A 40,000 sq. ft., $30.1 million nursing home will be built on 2.5 acres at 627 19th Ave. North, 3 blocks north of Charlotte Ave. It will feature 49 beds and be operated by Advance Health Care Corp. No renderings or timeline announced yet.
  • A rendering has been released for the office project in the renovated warehouse at 5100 Tennessee Ave. in The Nations.  The two story structure has 7,200 sq. ft. of space, and was designed by Catalyst Design Group. Conseco Group is in charge of construction.
  • An unnamed 324 unit garden-style apartment complex on 16.5 acres near Eagle View Elementary School in Antioch is going before Metro Planning for approval.  No renderings at this time. 
  • Highwoods Properties is going ahead with Virginia Springs Phase II office building (the twin to the 4 story Phase I with 110,000 sq. ft. of Class A office space) without any tenants lined-up. 
  • A couple of hotels have been announced for Century Farms in Antioch:  A 125 room Courtyard by Marriott, and a 160 room duel brand of Hampton Inn/Home2Suites. Combined they will take up 6 acres (about 2%) of the 310 acre development. A new site map was also released showing some of the potential franchises that might be part of the plan.
  • A hotel of unknown size or brand is being planned for 2864 Elm Hill Pike near the airport.  the 7.78 acre site, which is currently home to American Legion Post 82, is now owned by Madesh Hotel Group LLC, which is affiliated with the Best Western Franklin Inn.  They paid $5.25 million for the site a year ago.  A $24.6 million construction loan has been secured from Ascend Federal Credit Union. No renderings as of yet.
  • A massive 5 story, 3.5 million sq. ft. warehouse/80,000 sq. ft. office development to be called Project Sam is being planned for 80 acres at the SW corner of Golden Bear Gateway and East Division in Mt. Juliet. It will be developed by the Panattoni Company. The occupant has not been revealed, but it will most certainly bring a significant number of jobs with it, as the 1,800 capacity parking lot suggests.


  • The Hampton Inn on KVB has sold for...$101.5 million (that's nearly $500,00 per ROOM!) to the Nakash family, who owns Jordache Jeans.  This is the family's first foray into Nashville real estate.  They bought it from SEDCO Capital, which had bought the Hampton in 2016 for $57.8 million. 50 more rooms have been added since then, bringing the total to 2014 units.
  • The Nakash Holdings Company, a private investment fund of Jordache Fashion (who just bought the KVB Hampton Inn for $101.5 million earlier in the week), is bullish on more Nashville development.In an interview with NBJ, Rick Bennett, who is managing director for Nakash, says they will be involved with another NEW development downtown.  No more info given at this time. Nakash's multi-billion dollar portfolio includes commercial real estate of all stripes, so it could be another hotel, or office, or residential.  Additionally, they are looking at some projects outside of downtown as well--but no specifics yet.
  • Jamie Dimon is aiming to make JPMorgan Nashville's # 1 bank.  Plans are for up to 20 branches throughout the the area by the end of 2021. They have regulatory approval to open 3 initially (East Nashville, Berry Hill, and Green Hills).  Two more are being looked at in the next phase for Donelson and Smyrna.No word on a central HQ for the area downtown, but it would seem to be in the works.
  • Freightwise, a software company specializing in managing freight shipments based out of Brentwood, was ranked #2 on this year’s Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. They finished with $33.6 million in revenues, up 30,000% from their start in 2015.
  • Asurion has committed to moving 100 high-paying product development jobs from San Mateo, CA to  Nashville by the end of the year.  They will still retain about 50 employees in California. This will bring their total employees to 2,100 at their new HQ building in The Gulch.
  • Nashville's commercial real estate market grew by 2 points in the first quarter of 2019, and by 6 points in the second quarter. This takes the index to a 190 point high on Colliers Vitality Index report.  Office investment in the first half of 2019 exceeded $660 million, with is higher than the past three years during the same stretch.  “The vitality of Middle Tennessee’s commercial real estate industry shows no signs of slowing down,” Janet Miller, Colliers International | Nashville CEO and market leader, said in a release. “While virtually every business leader in the country is speculating about a potential decline of the economic cycle, Nashville continues to accelerate.”
  • A study of how Nashville's office space has been growing over the past decade shows that things are not slowing down. Nashville metro area has the most square footage under construction, relative to its existing inventory, of any market in the nation. That's according to real estate analytics firm CoStar, which reported that the region's commercial construction equaled 6.1% of its inventory in the first quarter, easily outpacing San Jose, Austin, Charlotte and Seattle. This according to Colliers International.  
  • Nashville metro home sales jumped 9.9% over the same month in 2018. 
  • A huge real estate deal on an apartment complex in Hillsboro Village:  the 5 building complex which rises between 5 and 3 stories known as the Hayes House with a cumulative 201 units, has sold for $51.3 million to a NYC LLC affiliated with Sentinel Real Estate.  The sale works out to about $255,200 per unit, which ranks among the highest in Nashville's history.  Just for perspective, the original two 1930s era 3 story apartment buildings were purchased for $6.34 million in 1996, along with the empty lot for $572,000 where the 3 newer 5 story structures  now sit.
  • Airport set another monthly record of 1,678,165 passengers in July, up 16% over July of ’18.
  • BNA ranked the 21st Best Airport in America by a survey on Thrillist.
  • Nashville ranked #8 among “The 50 Friendliest Cities in the World” by BigEventsTravel website.
  • Nashville jumps up to a tie for 3rd in the nation among "The Best Cities or Young Professionals for 2019" by SmartAsset.
  • Cortney and Dave Wilson, the masterminds behind "Master of Flip" on HGTV, are going to launch another new show based in Nashville for the same network. Scott Brothers Entertainment (Drew and Jonathan of "Property Brothers") are the production company.
  • 2018 was another record-breaking year for tourism in Tennessee at $22 billion.  And about 1/3 of the tourism revenue for the entire state was generated in Davidson County at $6.96 billion. Other area counties were Williamson at $479 million, Rutherford at $367 million, Montgomery at $244 million, Wilson at $172 million, and Sumner at $158 million.
  • Belmont Univ. has another record-breaking enrollment this fall at 8,481 students. The figure is triple the 2,796 students enrolled in 2000 and marks a 57% increase since 2009, when enrollment was 5,393.This represents Belmont’s 19th consecutive year of record enrollment. In contrast, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center Current Term Enrollments Fall 2013-18 study indicates a 1 percent to 2 percent decrease across the country in college enrollment for the past six years.
  • Huge feature in the Washington Post about Nashville as a tourist destination.

    Hope you can join us for fun and informative discussion on all that's happening around Music City!
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