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Covention Center Statistics

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Hello do any of you have statistics for the amount of events and delegates that have been held/attended for at Convention Centers in Puerto Rico, Alaska?

Here are some statistics for Honolulu's Hawaii Convention Center:


On the Web:

Hawai'i Convention Center

> $350 million state project, $100 million for land, the rest for design and construction.

> Completed in October 1997; grand opening was held June 11-13, 1998.

> 200,000-square-foot main exhibition hall.

> 12,000 tons of steel was used in construction.

> 140,000 square feet of slate tile, 30,000 square feet of porcelain tile and 20,000 square feet of ceramic tile were used.

> The lobby roof is made of Teflon-coated Fiberglas fabric shaped like sails and is designed to catch the rising air and provide ventilation.

> The center has the largest suspended glass curtain wall in the world, designed to withstand winds of more than 80 miles per hour.

Source: Hawai'i Convention Center

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