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WNC Veterans Memorial

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Proposed as part of the renovation of Pack Square and City-County Plaza, this memorial drew some criticism when it was first announced, due to its design. Critics complained that it was not representative enough of Asheville and the nation's diversity because it only depicted a woman and a white woman at that reading a letter. This, instead of something that would better reflect the city, such as a heterosexual couple of each race reading letters, homosexual and lesbian couples of each race reading letters, mixed-race heterosexual couples of each possible racial combination reading letters, mixed-race homosexual and lesbian couples of each possible racial combination reading letters, asexuals reading letters, as well as Buddhists, wiccans, and others reading letters. The complaints were very entertaining to read about, naturally.

Anyway, it would appear the first design is the one being pursued, and the group trying to build the monument is much closer to their goal than they used to be. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see something happen!


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