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Well, Papelbon just got out of a 1st/2nd, no-out jam, and the Indians have the bottom third of the order left to come up. Sox up, 5-2.

Bottom of the eighth, Pedroia just hit a bases loaded-clearing double, Sox up 9-2, this game is over barring a meteorite hitting the Red Sox Dugout.

Cleveland was great, they put a hell of a scare into the Red Sox.

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Glad to hear you say this.

The media shows in Boston were talking about the Indians during the pre-game telecast like they were some second-rate team. After winning 96 games during the regular season, winning the AL Central, beating the Yankees in 4 games and taking the Red Sox to the wire, some people were still not giving them any credit. Varitek, who I like as a player, had good things to say about the Indians right after the game, though.

What will be lost in the 11-2 final score is the fact the the game was almost (and should have been) tied at 3-3 at the 7th Inning Stretch - still not sure why Skinner held Lofton at 3rd...

Oh well, such is the life of a Cleveland Sports Fan...

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Game 3, the Rede Sox went up 6-0 in the 3rd, but the Rockies rumbled back to close to 6-5 in the 7th. Top of the 8th, the Red Sox have exploded again and it is 9-5. If the pen can keep the Rockies off the board, the Red Sox should hold a commanding 3-0 series lead.

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Some videos I took with my camera of the scene around Fenway (Boylston Street) after the victory, and a couple of the parade. Hope these work..

From the night of:

From the parade:

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Beckett had a great season, but his impact was seen most in the Postseason, and voting for the Cy Young takes place before the playoffs start. CC's regular season stats are at the very least equal to those of Beckett. Give Sabathia credit, he pitches for a team with 1/3 of the payroll of Boston.
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Well, this is only the people they caught. What's not to say other people are better than hiding it?

Either way, I don't think this is that prevalent in baseball. There is an underground culture which would be doing something like this, but it's small. Baseball can survive, as long as better efforts are made to prevent this sort of thing happening.

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I don't see how this couldn't be perceived as widespread. The game's top hitter AND top pitcher of all time are both facing charges of juicing. Granted, it's not like 50% of players are indicted, but then again this is only one report that's taking information from a fairly narrow range of sources. If every trainer in the league was subpoenaed, what would come out in the dirty laundry? We might very well find out that the last two decades of baseball were just a sham.

To tell you the truth, I think it would be for the best if the offenders were simply stripped of their stats and awards. Clean slate, as far as the record books are concerned these guys were never in the picture. That would restore Hank Aaron as the unchallenged home run kind, and depending on whether McGwire and Sosa were stripped, return the single-season record to Maris. It would be a painful process and a lot of tears would be shed, but there's a sense of historic integrity in baseball that keeps the game alive from generation to generation, and this might be the only way to at least partially restore that integrity -- and send the message that NO player will be allowed to benefit from cheating.

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