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Interview w/T.K. Davis Nashville Civic Design Center

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Now that both parts of this interview are out, I thought it would be a good discussion topic for the forum. There are some great ideas here and I wanted to get some input to keep this going. The Nashville Civic Design Forum is what this website is all about. Not just sky scrapers and building but also core issues of mass transit, blighted neighborhoods, streetscapes and any aspect of the urban environment.

Here are the articles from the City Paper and the interview with WW.



I find it interesting that they are looking to the Vancouver model fro building in Nashville. This would be a mass of mid rise buildings, not necessarily tall ones but density. That’s fine with me. I was in Chattanooga yesterday and took advantage of the electric shuttle system and questioned why Nashville could not do the same thing and incorporate the Vandy/West End area into this. We need leadership in this city that is committed to mass transit and a free shuttle system in the DT area would be used by many including myself. If I were able to park my car in one place and take a reliable shuttle to all the areas I need to go it would be very worth while. Electric shuttle, A MUST. More public art, FOR SURE.

Maybe this gets the ball rolling.

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