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Huntsville Area Public Schools

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key to new developments in this part of town, north downtown

The Huntsville school board this morning made offers totaling a little over $2.5 million on more than 17 acres to expand the Lee High School campus, and might acquire half of that property by eminent domain if necessary.

The extra land would link the campus to Meridian Street and allow students to use the present building after construction begins this fall on its $42.5 million replacement.

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Here's a topic for all education news in North Alabama. Discuss what you think might be wrong with the education systems, and what could be fixed. Also, a great place to put news about new findings in our educations systems.

To start it off, here's a bit of news from the Decatur Daily today:

Taking a Landmark Step

The magnet school program in Decatur at the city's two magnet schools, Benjamin Davis and Leon Sheffield, received great news on Wednesday. They learned that they would be the first International Baccalaureate elementary schools in the entire state of Alabama. Superintendent Sam Houston received two letters from the Baccalaureate Organization informing him that the two magnet schools had been approved for the Primary Years Program.

Decatur's two high schools, Decatur and Austin, and three middle schools, Brookhaven; Oak Park and Cedar Ridge, are currently waiting on approval for the middle years program.

As it is, Decatur is the only school system containing any IB schools of any sort north of Birmingham.

The news of approval comes less than a month after the U.S. Department of Education nominated Leon Sheffield for its pretigious "Blue Ribbon Award".

Worldwide, there are 409 Primary Years acccredited schools, while there are 1,621 diploma accredited (high schools) schools. The closest Primary Years accredited schools in the U.S. to anywhere in Alabama are in Atlanta and Savannah, GA.

EDIT: IB Primary Years article from Daily

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New Hartselle High School would impact entire system

If new taxes are approved in Hartselle, the result would be more than just a new high school, which the city is in dire need of.

The current building, built in the 1960s, has a capacity of LESS than 600 but currently holds a student population of 757.

The new high school is expected to cost $25 Million to $30 Million and will be built to house 1,200 students.

The current school would be used as a Junior High School for grades 7 and 8.

Besides a new building, the system plans to offer a more broad curriculum that was not available before because of a lack of space.

Link:New Hartselle High School and more

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2nd high school set for Madison

Friday, March 07, 2008


Times Staff Writer [email protected]

Facility will be on Limestone side of County Line Road

MADISON - It's finally official: Madison will be getting a new high school for grades 9-12.

Planning for the new school was unanimously approved Thursday night by the Madison Board of Education.


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