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Largest skylines in the state

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Richmond - pop. ~200,000

the State Capital


Arlington - pop. ~200,000

a Central City of the Washington, DC area


Norfolk - pop. ~200,000

the Central City of Hampton Roads


Virginia Beach - pop. ~400,000

a suburb in Hampton Roads


I wanted to include Tysons Corner, but the skyline images I have are unacceptable :unsure:

Please post better images if you have them!

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While we're at it, I've taken a few shots of the Norfolk skyline that I'm very proud of. Some of the pictures are very large.










And finally, this one is from the top of the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth that will soon be demolished to make way for a killer new development. Nice view, huh?


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Here's one of my favorite shots of the skyline. I found it on flickr, and I was sure that I added it to my favorites, but now I can't find the owner. I searched through hundreds of harborfest photos but couldn't find the original. I took the original photo and cropped it to just show the skyline. I really like how Harbor Heights is showing in the skyline now too. :)


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You all must not have spent much time in Tyson's. Tall buildings close to each other don't equal a downtown. It's just a bunch of suburban development packed close together with some tall buildings sprinkled in with horrible walkability. Probably couldn't pay me to play frogger across rt 123. Hopefully the metro extension/better planning can make the vision for Tyson's realistic.

As far as Richmond goes, no one could say that about the city itself, but even we Richmonders say things like that all the time about the Short Pump area of town.


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