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Gay Pride in Wilmington

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Wilmington as a gay community has a lot to be proud of. I think we have the only openly gay elected state official, in North Carolina.Julia Boseman our state senator. Her sexuality was an issue brought up by her opposition as an issue in her first run for state senator and she still won. I think that it says something for our area, that people can look beyond that and see how she stands on the real issues instead of judging her on her private life. She does have a partner and a child whom she does not try to hide.

Our downtown area is fairly liberal. We have only two gay bars, but a lot of the bars and clubs downtown are gay friendly and you can feel comfortable in these bars being yourself.

Some gay couples are beginning to feel comfortable holding hands on the streets in the downtown area.

Wilmington has a gay community center on Castle Street, something you don't find in many small cities.

But we still have our bigoted people, don't get me wrong, but I feel we have come a long way far a city our size .

What do you think?

Is Wilmington a gay friendly southern city?

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I haven't spent much time in Wilmington so I'm not sure. Having anti-discrimination laws, an openly gay or lesbian representative and solid community organizations are all good signs.

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