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Unusual aircraft


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This Osprey landed not at Huntsville International but downtown at the Von Braun Center for a conference

that was taking place. These will be used in Iraq later this year.

Developed to perform USMC, Navy and Special Operations command combat missions, the V-22 tilt wing aircraft is a breakthrough in aviation.

"280 nautical miles per hour, 315 mph max speed. Cruises at 270 nautical miles an hour


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Speecking of unusual aircraft;

I live near Dublin park which is close to the Airport, and this past Tuesday I was outside at around 6:00P.M. and I hear roaring in the sky. At first I did not think anything about it because again I live near the Airport and hearing air traffic is normal around there. But this time it caught my attention because it was a lot louder, so I look up not seeing anything at first but then I see two fight jet that was no more then a few thousand feet above my house. I figured later that they were probably up there in purperation(spl) for the President coming to town. Did anyone else witness these two air craft.

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The FAA is investigating two suspected incursions of the temporary flight restriction around Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant that was being visited by President Bush. One aircraft, a Piper PA-28, was escorted to a landing by two F-22 fighters, but a Cessna 303 reportedly ignored the military aircraft and landed elsewhere.

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