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2007 Charlotte Visitor's guide

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I just ran across the "official" '07 Charlotte Visitor's guide. Check it out below. I was very impressed. It would make me want to visit!


And in case you haven't seen the thread below, there is a good one comparing the NC cities' visitors bureaus. I think Charlotte does a good job with the website as well.


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Very nice, but my main gripe is with the misrepresentation of University City. While not a big "attraction" to Charlotte, they gave absolutely no history about this area whereas Elizabeth, Dilworth, Southpark, Ballantyne, etc all received two indep sections, UC's was basically just reiterated twice. And what's worse, the bulk of the description was about Northlake Mall. Please tell me you all don't consider Northlake to be part of University, because if that is the case, then UC covers about 40% of the city by itself. *end mini-rant*

Otherwise this guide provides pretty detailed information about the happenings in Charlotte and seems to be pretty focused on a wide array of topics rather than centering on just one. Bravo (minus the UC part)

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