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Crazy idea

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I was just looking at some Google aerial images of downtown and had a thought. 4.5 million dollars has just been approved to turn a section of North Blvd (near Third Street) into a town square. I think this is a great idea. However, the proposed area of North Blvd is rather long and narrow. At its widest, it is not really big enough to have large outdoor concerts or be a true town square.

Why not permanently shut down (close to traffic, rip up pavement, etc.) North Blvd. (both sides) starting at Third Street, all the way to the river? Also, do the same thing with Lafayette Street from the corner of Lafayette at Convention, to North Blvd. (this area, that runs in front of the Shaw Center, is pretty much already closed to traffic as it is). This would more or less double the width of the future town square. Also, these streets are not heavily traveled or vital for downtown transportation.

This would have the additional benefit of enlarging the size of the old WaterWorks property (more room for a big future project, maybe richyb83's Riverarium :) ). I would also think this would help attract a great restaurant tenant for the Strobe's building (Corner of Third and North Blvd).

Here is a Google aerial image of the area I am talking about. Lets see if this works:


Here is another link, zoomed in even further. I propose removing St. Phillip Street, and at least the sections of North Blvd between Third Street and St. Phillip Street.



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That would be a pretty neat idea.I don't know how that woud effect traffic,but I agree, the current town square plan seems a little small to me.

I also have a crazy idea of my own. Do ya'll think dowtown will ever expand out of it's Capitol Lake-I-110-historic neighborhood bounders? If so what direction? I aways figured it would expand downtown to Goverment and Florida.

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It's funny to see how "outdated" those Google aerials are :dontknow: The Shaw Center for the Arts is still a giant surface parking lot according to them. And the map is wrong; it says St.Phillip Street, when that's actually part of North Blvd. St.Phillip Street is on the other side south of the RiverCenter.

I like the way you think Gauge. Thanks for your ideas. Thanks for the props on the RiverArium too :thumbsup:

I'm not too sure about cutting off traffic for North Blvd by the Old State Capitol and River Road?? But I agree the Town Square seems a bit narrow; but they already close-off traffic to North Blvd. for the big festivals/events anyway. I added Galvez Plaza(light blue)between Old State Capitol/Library; combined with Lafayette Street park(green); the gathering place will be a good size if you combine all these.


This is from the DDD website; I posted this in the North Blvd. Town Square thread way-back on January 11th.


^ Hey Dan, as far as BR's downtown boundries go.....check out the Trolley Route map on page#2 . While I-110 seems to be a natural barrier to the east; I think you could extend it East to the RR tracks at the new North Blvd. overpass and Florida Blvd. >to the North....Past Hollywood Casino where the RiverPalms are located. And to the South...along the river past Government where the Atrium is located to South Blvd. Under the I-10 Bridge it can go down Nicholson/Highland a few blocks.

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