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Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB)

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A recent report showed that the BWWB is basically going to run out of sufficient sources of water by 2025. The BWWB uses Lake Purdy, Inland Lake, Bayview Lake, and the Locust Fork branch of the Black Warrior as their 4 main sources of water. A report in the News, there is a story discussing that the BWWB currently serves some 600,000 residents, and will be serve close to 750,000 by 2025. This figure is way too many for the coverage area of BWWB. The study urges the BWWB to find other sources of water and to work together with other municipalities to pool the region water sources together. The BWWB just recently approved the measures to just this.

However, in Bessemer getstheir water directly from the Black Warrior River and seems to be nowhere near having a shortage. But it seems the BWWB doesn't want to partner with Bessemer with them so their could use the Black Warrior River. BWWB Chairman, Anthony Barnes, claims that they get their water from the same source, and that will wind up buying water from BWWB. Can you say talking out both sides of our mouth?

What will it take for our area leaders to realize that we need take our water source issues seriously? Also why is the BWWB still controlled by the City of Birmingham when they know the majority of the customers in the service area are outside of the city these days?

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Why are this still questions up for debate?

Some say board control could be mayoral issue

The BWWB should be a REGIONAL AUTHORITY not a City of Birmingham authority. That is the reason why there multiple water districts in this metro area because nobody in their right mind wants to deal with BWWB and their mess. Why would any mayoral candidate even prepetuate the idea that the city should regain control of the assets when most of the customers doesn't even live within Birmingham corporate limits.

Water board gets no-confidence vote

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has refused to regulate the BWWB although they regulate all the other water works boards in the state. The State Attorney General office has even sued to force the PSC to regulate the BWWB, but they seem to want to avoid the responsibility of straighting out this organization.

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