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Detroit Infill

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These photos are from MikeM over at the Fab Ruins forums. They show the infill that is occuring on the east side of Detroit.

Here is a map of the area they are building the homes in. This is part of a project to revitalize two square miles on the east side of Detroit. The red lots are vacant, the lots outlined in black have homes on them already. This neighborhood has deteriorated a lot, so this is great for the neighborhood.


The homes all seem to be different. Some have attached garages, so do not. There is a good variety of homes going up, which is exactly what the city needs: more variety in housing. Some might complain that attached garage are too suburban looking, but since the vast majority of Detroit is single family homes, I don't think they are that out of place.

Kercheval Estates...or at least this will become Kercheval Estates. Right now it's not much other than some empty city lots.


Marlborough Estates, just north of the Kercheval Estates area











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Here's some photos by Lowell Boileau at the Fab Ruins forum of a house on East Grand Avenue that's currentuly under construction. This house is more my taste.




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That modular house looks pretty interesting. I wonder what is the cost for something like that.

I have no idea. I used to know, but I can't remember. I'll see if I can find that information on my computer at home.

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