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Buildings around LP Field?

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I have no idea if this is even feasible or possible or even been thought of before, it was just a random thought of mine, and I have no idea who owns the parking lots surrounding the stadium. But, instead of pretty much dividing the city with the river and the stadium on the other side, could we not surround LP Field with a couple low to midrise buildings ontop of those parking lots that would create a feel of sort of urban football stadium. Mixed use of course with retail and resedential. Possibly put some parking garages below and above ground to supply the parking that was taken away with the ugly surface lots. This may hinder tailgating but create high ceilings in the garages allowing as much sunlight and air in as possible to keep that feel. Maybe this would help get that trash dump cleaned up and then a baseball stadium there which would create sort of a completely new east bank of a small-mid urban community with ballparks mixed in? Just a thought. What are yours?

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