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Harvest Crusade in Raleigh NC this weekend

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Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone that might be interested in going. (This weekend...Friday-Sunday). Its free (though you do have to pay for parking at the RBC Center) It's a great opportunity to invite friends and family that you want to introduce to the gospel message...in an informal way. Good bands, good message....and where two or more gather in His name-Jesus shows up!


If you cannot go in person, you can watch it live online as well. They usually also archive it to watch later too. I went to the one five years ago when it was in Winston Salem and it was very cool. Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside CA does an awesome job of proclaiming Jesus. He has been compared to Billy Graham by many.

Check out the web page for more details including who will be performing. (beyond the ones I mentioned in the subject line)

As God may bring it to mind, pray for those speaking, those supporting the event, and those that will be hearing the gospel preached. May God be glorified in it all and many accept His Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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Great news. I am a Calvary Chapel member and Greg Laurie is one of our larger Calvary preachers (though his church doesn't bear the name). Our pastor spoke with Pastor Laurie at the annual Calvary Chapel Pastors and Leaders conference in California about three years ago and convinced him to scout Athens, GA as a venue.

A year later we had a one day Harvest Crusade here at the University of Georgia's Steghman Colliseum. Jars of Clay played the event. I helped setup the stage and I was a floor worker (witness) praying with those who came down to accept Christ.

My wife, daughters, and twin sons got to meet all the Jars of Clay members and got autographed t-shirts and I got an autographed CD of their "redemption songs" album. My daughter got her picture made with the band. THey are nice guys and very sincere.

We had 5,000 people turn out for the even which isn't bad for this size town.

You will enjoy the event.

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