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Louisiana Metro GMP's

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This is just something interesting I found and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a document called Role of Metro Areas in the USA Economy put together in 2006 for the The United States Conference of Mayors. It lists the importance of individual metro areas to state economies and the national economy, and lists the GMP's (Gross Metropolitcan Product) of over 350 U.S. metro areas. Here is the link. These numbers are from 2004, which are the most recent available it seems.

Here are the GMP's of Louisiana's metro areas in US$:

  1. New Orleans- 47.0 Billion

  2. Baton Rouge- 27.3 Billion

  3. Shreveport- 13.3 Billion

  4. Lafayette- 11.1 Billion

  5. Lake Charles- 7.3 Billion

  6. Houma-Thibodaux- 7.2 Billion

  7. Monroe- 6.1 Billion

  8. Alexandria- 4.7 Billion

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Thanks for posting this Nate. This is all very interesting :thumbsup: I'll try to read all 107 pages when I get the chance.

A few days ago I almost posted the U.S. map that was posted on the other thread. The stats may vary, but Louisiana is not as poor as many around the U.S. tend to think.

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