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Buccaneer Ferry Sinking?

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Is it just me, or are we really the only group of citizens on Earth, that could have a Highway named the Buccaneer Trail and a Ferry named for "The Buccaneer", and somehow miss the current Hollywood connection? Will we sit and blow it again? I don't think this could be much better if the "Black Pearl" herself started running the service. Naming rights anyone? A wharf Village? Hotel? Resort? I'm sorry, I sometimes forget I'm dealing with my home town. Damn!

The historic Buccaneer Ferry, a key link on our only "real" tourism area, Highway A-1-A, the Beaches - Mayport - Talbot Island and Fernandina, may soon be history! The Governor has struck the funding for OUR SHIP from the budget. FIGHT BACK JACKSONVILLE! We need to discuss this and see what we could do to both SAVE the Ferry as well as turn this disaster around and create a tourism gold mine out of it. We have all of the tools, but do we have the will? Please keep this hot topic issue in front of your State and City representatives.

A local citizen has also created for this purpose you are welcome to JOIN US AT:




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