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while being a strong advocate for anything kentucky, i can say i don't know much about owensboro. i know so much more about bowling green than owensboro. what is there in owensboro? malls? anything about flights from its airport? any new cool developments that would enhance the quality of life there. how is the population knowledge wise. i, for some reason, think of it as a sophisticated city, but i'm not sure. without the presence of a major state university, i never can tell what vibe i really get from owensboro.

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As you inquired in the Bowling Green thread Owensboro did pursue a minor league team and received one from the renewed KIT League (Class D) that started in 2005. Its a non-professional league that was VERY popular up until the 1950s when TV and broadcasts of MLB games finished off its tradional base in SEMO, WTN, WKY, and SIL. The team is named the Owensboro Oilers, plays at Stadium - Panther Park at Kentucky Wesleyan, and were last year's league champions.

The league currently has 6 teams, and is looking to expand to 8. It is going to play an exibition game against another Class D league, Central Illinois League, in Huntingburg, IN this year, and hope to start inter-league play as early as next year.

There are two other KY teams. One in Fulton, KY, which also was a former home of a KIT league team, and Dawson Springs, KY.

The other locals are Union City, TN; Farmington, MO; and Sikeston, Mo.

Its a very competative, has a high level of play, and is a very fun league to watch.

Here is a link to the league's site:


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