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End of an Era in Shrewsbury

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cloudship    7

I am really kind of mixed over this - I miss the old Spag's. I agree that the kids really didn't so the place justice, and while I had hopes for Building 19, I don't think they ever really caught the idea that it wasn't just because the stuff was cheap that people went there. While many of the old stores have gone, and I don't think they could have competed with Wal Mart and Target, I do think Spag's could have survived. In any case, I think so much had been destroyed with Spag's as it stands now, that it is not worth saving. I would rather see it gone and remembered than desecrated like the new store does.

So, they are going to demolish the school house, too? That I could see saving.

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Lowerdeck    0

Out of all them, the Schoolhouse would seem most reusable for some local or regional store to get in there, if they don't require a whole lot of room. Furniture sales perhaps, or mattresses/bedding.

But apparently, they all are going by the wayside.

I might be only 22 years old, but even I knew something was different about Spags in my younger days. Before the Oxford Wal-Mart, then the Home Depot in Auburn, was built ... trips up to Spags were frequent occassions, at least once every month if not more often.

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