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Can someone do a composite sketch?

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I'd like someone to do a composite sketch of this description for me and upload it ;) (Sorry, I can't pay you, this is just for fun :))

A man, early 30s.

He has a middle eastern complexion.

His hair is very dark, but is sunbleached.

He has a beard that extends below his chin (not too far) and splits like the form of an A. And is the same color of his hair, it is also sunbleached.

His head is not very round, but is still slightly round. (does that make sense?) And is somewhat thin.

His hair goes down to his shoulders and curls in at his shoulders. His hair is placed in front of his shoulders also.

His cheeks are slightly red.

His forehead is high and large

He doesn't have any wrinkles on his face (other than his forehead of course)

His eyes are soft blue. And are dull and heavy.

Thanks ;)

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I guess there's no artists on here....

I would do it, but I don't have time. I need extra time to do all my homework. I'm behind in school because I've skipped class a few too many times. LOL. Today was the first day I'd been in school an entire school day in two weeks!

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Im a graphic artist but i'm terrible with trying to draw people. I can draw just about anything else.

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