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Genesee at Mich Ave and Wash Ave (saginaw)

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I was just thinking about the stretch of Genesee Ave just across the river from downtown between the bridge and Michigan Ave. There's a couple older buildings in that area including two occupied 6 story warehouse structures and a few other businesses in older buildings. But much of what was once there has been replaced by strip retail and fast food places and a couple of industrial buildings. It's really a shame because although its a very busy stretch, it seems like it has the potential to be something greater. It's the perfect spot for affordable residential housing right by the river or some higher density commercial. The reason why I feel this area is better suited for development is because it's the connector between Saginaw's two major mainstreets: Michigan Ave and Washington.

Your thoughts? And if anyone has any descriptions of what this area was like before urban renewal, please share!

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