Baton Rouge Metro Airport

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Looks like they're building a new terminal in New Orleans. I feel like the best thing for Baton Rouge and our airport would be to build that high speed rail with stops only at our airport, Mid City, New Orleans airport and New Orleans downtown. The way they have it now has too many stops. Maybe include somewhere at the midway point for plant workers. I  don't think we'll get an international or share airport anytime soon or at all so I think the next best option is to make it easier to get to the one we already have relatively close. Maybe if the traffic in and an out of New Orleans' airport went up and vice versa we'd both get more flights and cheaper fares.


Here's an article on the New Orleans airport expansion: http://www.flymsy.com/capitalimprovements/Projects-in-Construction/New-Airport-Terminal-Under-Construction?utm_source=bellmedia&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=noia&keyword=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI48Pz3KXn2gIVxNrACh0ZswTLEAEYASAAEgJ7ufD_BwE 

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