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PHOTOS: Take Me To The River

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Temperatures today in Providence climbed to an unexpected 85 degrees. So I decided to walk along the river on my way home, and I just happened to have my camera with me today. I'm going to try to capture some pics of WaterFire tomorrow night, depending on how good I am at capturing night shots, I may have another thread Sunday.

Downcity from the east bank of the Providence River. This is near the southern end of the riverwalk. Currently route 195 (behind me in the photo) blocks the riverwalk from extending further south. When 195 is moved outside the hurricane barrier in 2008, the riverwalk will be extened out to the Bay.


Slightly further upstream. The grass here needs some help, you can see a canoe/kayak landing, and some public art. The annual Sidwalk Painting Festival is held along this stretch of the river.


Near the Crawford Street Bridge. See the silver thing in the river, more public art... it's a silver floating man.


The floating man again, sun glare is a bit much, but it's kind of a cool effect. The leaves literally came out overnight. This small area of lowrise buildings is currently surrounded by surface lots and highway ramps, once the highway is moved, the area south of this photo will become a new city neighbourhood.


From the Crawford Street Bridge. This is the southern end of where WaterFire takes place, the metal baskets are where the fires are lit. In the following pictures you'll see more of those.


This shot I'm pretty proud of if I do say so myself. The lighting is terrific. I do have to admit, I just got Photoshop, I have no idea how to use it, but I played around enhancing this picture. The buildings on the right are part of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and the building at centre is the headquarters of Citizens Bank.


There are steps leading into the water at some points on the river's bank. The tide was pretty much at it's lowest point, allowing me to climb down the steps and get a few shots from down in the river. This is one of them. It's hard to make out in this photo, but stacked under the bridges is wood for WaterFire. You can also see a boat upstream that is one of the WaterFire boats.


Looking back downstream from near the same spot. The square building at left is the Old Stone Square Building.


Looking up from the river to the Downcity Towers.


Looking downstream at the confluence of the Woonasquatucket and Moshassuck Rivers. The rivers join here and become the Providence River, which then drains into Narragansett Bay.


Entering Waterplace Park.


Right in the centre of the city. The plantings in Waterplace Park are really starting to mature nicely.



The Basin at Waterplace Park.


Tour boats leave from this little landing in The Basin.


Looking across The Basin to the State House.


Little artsy, looking up at the Westin Hotel.


From the hill on the far side of The Basin. The cafe in the foreground is Bella Vista Restaurant, I've never seen it so crowded as today.


The 'postcard' shot of the Providence skyline.




-The End-

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Nice pics!

It sounds like you had the same weather today that we had yesterday. It was in the 80s yesterday, but because this is Michigan, it was only in the 60s today.

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Sounds like we're a day behind you... 85 today, 58 tomorrow. :(

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I think these are some of the first photos that I have seen of Providence. With the river it almost reminds me of an old european city in some of the photos. Thanks for the tour.

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