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Racism in america

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I noticed a poll today, it said that latinos had a more favorably view of whites than blacks. I mean i can understand it a little bit with that in latin america alot of whites are still living there who are connected to spain or portugal in some way & are in the upper class so some latinos might see being white as a sign of power. But whites in the same poll had a more favorably view of blacks than latinos, white ppl views are obviously reflected when the u.s. talks about illegal immigration. Blacks view of latinos & whites were about the same. Its intresting that some mexicans & other parts of latin america see black ppl as foreigners. When at one time in history mexico had more africans living there than spanish people. Latinos like Eva longoria seem to be in the white world if you say, but ppl like alex rodriquez would be consider a black latino. Even j-lo thought wouldn't be consider black but definitely far from white in the states. But Harold Ford Jr. or any other fairskin black person probably would be consider white in latin america but only black in the united states. Why is there so much confusion, among different races. Latinos came be as white as hedi klum or dark as shaquille o'neal. Even with puerto ricans some consider themselves white ,& others like rapper fat joe even used the n word & consider themselves black. Cubans, & domicans seem to never say they're white, but along with puerto ricans they all have african descent. Even in the middle east alot ppl in egypt see themselves as black or african descent but other arabs in iraq, or iran dont like black people. In africa if you are lightskin black to some degree in egypt & other parts they will call you mix breed. In latin america you hear words like negro, blanco, mulatto, mestizo. Mestizo are a mixtured of spanish conquerers who were white of course & the native indians. Then there are latinos who have africans features like rosie perez, then some like rapper pitbull who look straight white. Who is to blame for al this confusion & racism. I know latino is not a race just ppl who speak spanish , & I not saying that french, portuguese, italian, & spanish who are latin because they're romance cultures & latin is the language & culture of rome didnt have something to do with this. But mestizos were discriminated against blacks in latin america before the u.s was even a country. I know why some whites & blacks dont get along obviously, but the media only lets us think that the only reason why some blacks & mexicans are fighting in l.a. is because of street gangs. Im sure they are but it seems its more to it than we think. I know some black ppl probably couldnt imagine that but its true some latinos are more racist than whites against blacks. Feel free to reply if you want to discuss your opinion on the subject. I just cant understand how latinos who are darker viewed whites more favorably, but whites who are lighter & closer to some latinos viewed blacks more favorably than latinos.

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