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domus in space design competition

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domus in space design competition

in space life is always right ---- Le Corbusier

"To let design be in people's lives, deep in the lives, and guide the lives, then increase the quality of lives." This is not just a phrase. It needs every designer to stick out for their pursuing. This is a long-lasting process. We need to reach such a goal, starting from every detail of our lives.

It's coming with the improvement of the culture of all the human beings. Living is the basic of one's life. It's improving is be closely linked to the development of the social civilization. To seek for different style of living is the reflection to our purchasing of life quality. The purpose of "domus in space" competition is to encourage designers to keep digging into the essence of human lives, and spread it into our life.

"domus in Space" Designing competition, which is one of the best architectural designing competitions, is organized by "domus China" and the A.A.O, and undertaken by Lemon Communication. The organizer's office has invited a lot of world-famous architects to form a professional jury, to ensure the authority of the "domus in Space" competition.

About domus

"domus" was first published in Italy, 1928. In the 79 years followed, it has kept publishing, even during the two world-war periods. The magazine focuses on architecture, designing, and art, and has become "the cultural mystery of Italy".

In July, 2006, "domus China" was published. This magazine not only keeps the steps of the original style, but also includes a lot more about Chinese architectural designers and events. Besides, it has been trying to build a communication platform between Asian and international designers.

About A.A.O.

A.A.O. is an Asian architectural union formed by skillful young architects. United with all the architecture industry resources, its purpose is to perform professional and senseful guide and practices to the rapidly-changing of China's urbanism and architecture industry

Qualifications of contestants:

No limits.

Formation of works

All pieces of works must be a complete model with its structure, indoor design, and furniture, etc. Contestants can select any position and environment according to their own will. The organizer's office will select those which match the theme of the competition "small space, big idea", and award them.


Original, sense and practical, economization


1. Each contestant may not only have one piece of works.

2. Each piece of works needs to colored printed in the size of 210mm

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